Council meetings

Agenda and minutes

Venue: St Andrews Church Hall , Brockley Road SE4 4SA

Contact: Samantha Dias 

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Welcome from the Chair


Skanska Update


Cllr Davis introduced the Skanska representative who apologised for not attending the previous meeting in October, which was due to a mix up in his diary. 


Questions were taken from the floor by Paul from the Ladywell Assembly attendees


Comment :The lights that have been used to replace the old lighting are too bright


Reply: The new lighting is brighter so as to give a better lighting at night


Question: What type of energy is being used and how does affect the atmosphere?


Reply:  The energy will be energy efficient and  will reduce light pollution    Each environment-friendly new lamp can be controlled by computer which means street lighting can be increased when it is needed and reduced when it is not. It will also cut carbon emissions.


Questions: Some of the posts have been moved further away from the kerb, which means that pedestrians are more at risk from dangerous traffic


Reply: Codes of Practice specify that their should sufficient space    between the kerb and Lampposts. Enough to allow for a motorised wheel chair or double buggy.


Question: Why didn’t Skanska consult local people when looking at replacing the street lights’ concerned that their has been no dialogue with local people about this. The lights are far to bright and are dangerous for car drivers


Reply: Lewisham council consulted residents prior to Skanska starting the light replacement programme


Question: the lights are so bright I am concerned that burglars are being  aided as they are able to see into peoples homes and with the poles being so close to the buildings making getting into properties more easier


Reply: the lights can easily be turned down, but columns are unable to be moved


Question: Why were we not notified of the works and why has the colour of the lighting changed, who decided this/


Reply: All roads should have received notification, the colour has been changed to provide more light and to make people feel safer with better lit areas.


Question: Why cant a dimming switch be added to the light?


Comment: The new lights are vey polluting and must be very expensive to run all night



Ladywell Assembly Market Place Event


Cllr Davis opened the Assembly Fund Market place event and explained that everyone was invited to speak to the groups at the information tables, which were set up around the room. There will then be an opportunity to vote from 7.50pm  until 8.20pm. Anyone who lives, works or studies in the Ladywell ward area is eligible to vote and will have received a ballot paper upon arrival at the meeting as part of the voting pack.


 Residents were invited to place their votes on the appropriate part of the ballot  form and speak to a member of staff if they were not sure about anything. Votes from 1 to 10 were accepted with one being the lowest and 10 being the highest.





Assembly Fund Voting Results


The following organisations were present at the meeting and were each given an information table.  Residents were permitted to speak with stall holders prior to them voting.


1. Junior Reds Football Club   £ 1950


2. Fossil Road Residents Replacing Ladywell Trees  £960.00


3. Brockley Max Festival 2014  £2514.00


4. St Andrews Centre Getting to know you £ 2840.00


5. Montage Theatre Arts Holiday Programme  £ 2265


6. Teachsport Uk sports leaderslevel 2 course £2920.00


7. Dalmain Athletic Girls Football Club £2065.00 


8.  Lewisham Community sports CIC     £5,000       


At the end of the Market place session Cllr Davis closed the voting and the Assemblies team collected all the voting cards. Whilst the vote was being counted the refreshment break was held.





3(b) Assembly Fund Voting Results 2013/14


Cllr Davis announced the results as follows:


1.    St Andrews Centre Getting to knowyou £ 2840.00


2.    Dalmain Athletic Girls Football Club £2065


3.    Teachsport Uk sports leaderslevel 2 course £2920.00


4.    Montage Theatre Arts Holiday Programme  £ 2265


5.    Brockley Max Festival 2014  £2514.00


6. Fossil Road Residents Replacing Ladywell Trees  £960.00



Community information


Snt update


A total of 75 crimes were reported in December 2013.


Local policing priorities for Ladywell

·                                      Anti Social Behaviour - Drugs

·                                      Burglary

·                                      Anti Social Behaviour by youths causing noise and nuisance

The police asked people to be vigilant in the lead up to the Christmas period