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Venue: Deptford Park Primary School, Evelyn Street SE8 5RJ

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Assembly fund voting


Evelyn Local Assembly Meeting


Date:               3rd February 2018

Time:             12.30-2.30pm

Venue:           Deptford Green School

Evelyn St, Deptford, London SE8 5RJ


Chair: Councillor Joyce Jacca



Assembly Fund Voting


The marketplace commenced at 12.30pm & closed at 1.20pm. The following organisations were short-listed for Assembly funding

~ Pepys Community Gardens               ~ Deptford Folk

~ 2,000 Community Action Centre       ~ Co-oPepys   

 ~Deptford Methodist Mission            ~ Inspiring Your Imagination


The voting was followed by the Assembly meeting



Summary of Meeting



1.   Welcome from Cllr Joyce Jacca


1.1      Cllr Joyce Jacca opened the meeting, welcoming residents. She announced that this was here last Assembly meeting as Cllr because she had not been re-elected to stand. The community thanked her for her work.



2. Sugar SMART Campaign

Danny Ruta, Head of Public Health, LB Lewisham


2.1    Danny explained that the cause of health problems is poverty. Until recently the biggest health problem was smoking, but this has recently been overtaken by (type 2) diabetes caused by obesity.


2.2    Children are now weighed and measured when entering reception & again in year 6 as they leave. This year in Lewisham 22% of children entering reception had a BMI that indicated that they are overweight or obese. By the time they get to year 6 it is 38% are that overweight or obese.


2.3    We know that most overweight& obese children become overweight & obese adults and the #1 contributor to this is sugar that is hidden in our food.


2.4    A third of teenagers’ sugar intake is from soft drinks. The recommended child’s daily sugar intake is 5tsp, one can of Coke contain 8tsp & one can of Ribena has 11tsp.

2.5    Adults aren’t measured, through surveys indicate that 60% of adults in Lewisham are likely to be overweight and it is predicted that by 2050 50% of British public will be obese.

2.6    German research institute estimates 50% of 10 year olds now will live to 103+ or more, however obesity is estimated to take 25 years away from a lifespan & around 7000 legs are amputated a year in Britain due to problems associated with diabetes. Sight loss & kidney disease are other common complications

2.7    The food industry is the main culprit as we are hard wired to see out sugar so it is almost impossible not to put on too much weight, because of the abundance of high fat/sugar foods that we are bombarded with.


2.8    About a year ago Lewisham joined Jamie Oliver’s Sugar Smart Campign.  All organisations and businesses involved with food in Lewisham were asked to join the campaign & make pledges to help reduce sugar & 90 organisations have already joined the campaign including 20 childminders & primary schools.


2.9  Followers include Bonus Pastor School in Downham which only serves water which was introduced by the pupils & Millwall Football Club became the first football club in the country who have a 10p sugar tax on sugar drinks at matches. The money raised then goes towards teaching football to primary school children. Goldsmith’s have become the latest organisation  ...  view the full minutes text for item 1.


Welcome from the Chair


Sugar Smart Campaign


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