Council meetings


Venue: Lewington Centre, 9 Eugenia Road SE16 2RU

Contact: Sarah Lang 

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1.   Assembly Fund Voting


1.1      Voting to allocate the 2016-17 Assembly Funds took place from 12.00noon-12.45pm. £12,500 was available and there were 10 projects who took part in the market place.


1.2      Five project were successful in being selected for funding with four being fully funded and the fifth receiving the remainder of the fund.


1.3      The booklet with details of the projects is attached to the meeting notes. A table of results is provided in section 8.


1.4      The business part of the Assembly followed.



Welcome from the Chair

Summary of Meeting



2.   Welcome from Cllr David Michael, Chair of the Evelyn Assembly


2.1      Cllr David Michael, Chair of the Evelyn Assembly, opened the meeting, welcoming everyone and introducing Cllr Joyce Jacca as this was her first meeting since being elected as an Evelyn Councillor.


2.2      Cllr Michael asked if there were any member of the press present and reminded those present that any recording needed to be declared so that those present were aware. He acknowledge that The Quay Point were covering the meeting and that there would be a recording.


Q.     A resident asked if Cllr Milne would be joining the other councillors as he had attended earlier in the day.


A       Cllr Michael said that Cllr Milne had left as he had another commitment. He advised the meeting that the Council guidelines is that at least one of the Ward Councillors should be present at the Assembly meeting.



2.3      Residents stated that they felt that they were not being properly represented and it was proposed that there was a vote of no confidence in Cllr Milne.


2.4      Cllr Michael replied that there would not be a vote but he would feed this back.


2.5      Another resident added that Cllr Milne had been marked as attending at the Assembly/Pepys event in July but had not stayed for the event. They requested that he was not marked as having attended at this meeting.


2.6      Cllr Joyce Jacca introduced herself and told the Assembly that she had been a resident of the ward for many years. Her background is in Community Development and she thanked the community for voting for her.



Membership of the Co-ordinating Group



3.  Membership of the Co-ordinating Group


3.1      Cllr Jacca asked the members of the Coordinating Group to make themselves known to the Assembly and added that more volunteers were needed and encouraged local people to join the Co-ordinating Group.


3.2      There was a request from the floor regarding who could join i.e. was it individuals or only representatives of organisations and for more information on the process and commitment that was needed from Co-Group Members.


3.3      Cllr Jacca said that it could be either individuals or representatives from organisations. She explained the role of the Co-Group is to help plan the Assemblies and raise issues that need to be addressed, for instance Francis Drake School and Section 106 were topics that were identified.


3.4      Cllr Michael clarified the process. Anyone who is interested should approach the Local Assembly Development Officer in the first instance. Sarah Lang added that the formal commitment is four, two hour meetings per year.


3.5      Potential members will then be asked introduce themselves and to say a few words at the Assembly before a ratification vote from residents by show of hands.


3.6      Cllr Michael said that there had been interest from James Holland who was unable to attend but had sent a statement, Rita Edmunds, a community worker and resident on the Silwood Estate Patricia Onkwoko, Neighbourhood. Investment Co-ordinator from L&Q Housing. Rita and Patricia introduced themselves.


3.7      Cllr Michael asked for a show of hands to ratify the new members.


3.8      There was a discussion regarding the processes; some residents felt that this was too bureaucratic and demeaning, saying that potentially could act as an unnecessary barrier for people to engage. It was stated that this is not the process in all wards and therefore access is not equitable.


3.9      Residents asked for the guidelines and wanted to make sure that this complies with access and the Equality Statement.


3.10   Some of those present urged a vote to allow the meeting to continue however others refused to engage with the process.


3.11   Cllr Jacca said that she heard the communities view and that the new members would be taken on however Cllr Michael reiterated that the process needed to be followed.


As the discussion had reached an impasse, Cllr Michael introduced the next item on the agenda.


Community information

4.  Community Updates


4.1   Cllr Jacca introduced the community updates and informed the Assembly that she now had a surgery at the Lewington Centre every third Friday of the month from 3.00-5.00pm.


4.2    Sarah Lang reminded residents that the Deptford Challenge Trust Funding was open for bids for local project. Full details at 


4.3    Sarah drew residents’ attention to the fact sheet for Lewisham’s Small & Faith Funding which has just launched. To be considered, projects need to reach 15% of their total funding on Crowdfunder. Full details are on the Crowdfunder website


4.4    Denise Atkinson introduced herself, explaining that she was the Local Labour & Business Co-ordinator for the borough. Denise had been invited to Evelyn Community Forum as there were concerns that local people were not accessing local opportunities.


4.5    One of the actions from the meeting was to design a poster campaign to make people more aware of the service which includes

·         Job and training e-mail alerts

·         Free training courses and workshops

·    Information on apprenticeships, traineeships and work experience opportunities


Q.      What is the criteria for signing up?


A.      This is open to residents who are unemployed or those who are working but under employed. You do not have to be in receipt of benefits.


4.6    Denise explained that her roll included ensuring that apprenticeships were written into Section 106 agreements.


Q.      Have any Lewisham residents entered employment through the project?

A.      We know that residents are entering employment as we monitor this by postcode on a monthly basis.


Q.      If this is funded by Section 106 then it is taking money from the local community and giving it to your agency. We need to see the benefit.


A.      All construction project have an element of funding for supporting local employment. This is put into a central pot and projects are delivered locally.


Q.      Will there be a baseline for each developer to measure the impact of the poster campaign and can this be fed back to us in a recommendation report?


A.      We do measure this monthly so we will be able to see if there is an impact.


4.8    A resident pointed out that one of the issues that impacts on the figures is the use of sub-contractors as the percentage of sub-contracted staff is very high on building sites.


4.9    Trina Lynskey outlined the work of Deptford Folk who are the park users group for Deptford Park & Folkstone Gardens. Details of the mailing list are on the postcards on each seat.


4.10  Deptford Folk are currently encouraging people to get involved in the consultation regarding the Lord Palmerstone pub on the Lewisham planning portal which is open until 1st February. Please do comment.


4.11  Deptford Folk hope to work with Denise and her team to ensure that this becomes a viable local business.


4.12  Lastly, Deptford Folk have been successful in securing £10,000 funding for bike project over the next year so look out for these events. Part of the funding is  ...  view the full agenda text for item 4.


Convoys Wharf ~ The Context pdf icon PDF 905 KB

5. Convoys Wharf; The Planning Context

Emma Talbot, Head of Planning

London Borough of Lewisham


5.1   Cllr Michael welcomed Emma Talbot to the meeting and Emma thanked the Assembly for inviting her back to talk about Convoys Wharf.


5.2    This development is in an opportunity area and promotes a mixed development on the site of the old dock. It contains the only ancient monument in the borough and all development has to preserve the protected view of St Paul’s Cathedral from the viewing point in Greenwich Park.


5.3    Emma outlined the planning process since first application was made in 2002 and detailed the mix of usage that is detailed in the outline planning permission across the 22 plots, together with details of what has been approved and what is for consideration (see presentation).

5.4    There will be 15% affordable housing which amounts to 525 units.


5.5    Hutchison Property Group (UK) Ltd served a notice advising of their intention to submit the First Reserved Matter application on or about 1st March 2017. This relates to one block; PO8 and there will be a consultation undertaken by the developer.


5.6    Residents will receive written notification and you can register your interest.


A Copy of Emma’s presentation is attached to the meeting notes.



Convoys Wharf ~ Presentation from the Developer pdf icon PDF 1 MB

6.Convoys Wharf

Johnathan Hutchison, Chief Project Manager

    Gary Pleasants, Quatro


6.1    Cllr Michael introduced Johnathan Hutchison and Gary Pleasants, welcoming them to the meeting. 


6.2    Johnathan addressed the Assembly, outlining that he would talk about what has been happening on site and what will be happening over the life of the build.


6.3    Jonathan explained that Hutchison Property Group have extensive experience of delivering high quality building projects, working with prominent architects whilst preserving historical aspects of the sites. They are currently working on Lots Road Power Station which is partly a heritage site.


6.4    Over the past few year there has been archaeological work taking place on the Convoys Wharf site; it constituted London’s largest dig, the results will be published shared at the British Library.


6.5    The site, once completed will provide 3,500 apartment over the 22 plots as well as commercial retail, café & restaurant space, a new stop and jetty for the river bus, a new bus route, a primary school and will include the restored listed shed which is the last visible remnant of the historic dockyard.


6.6    In addition there will be public art, 6 hectares of open space (3 hectares of which will be parks) and there will be contributions to secondary schools. Some of the commercial space will be subsidised and there will be 2,000 new jobs created on completion.


6.7    Farrell’s have been appointed as the architect and Gillespie’s have been selected for the landscaping work.


6.8    Gary Pleasants introduced himself, explaining that he worked for Quatro who are the PR company working with Hutchison Property Group. They will be supporting the communication and consultation with local residents.



Convoys Wharf ~ Q&A

7.Convoys Wharf Q & A


7.1    Cllr Michael thanked the presenter and opened the discussion to questions from the floor.      


Q.      Can we plan a meeting with the community as we don’t know what is happening and there has been no consultation for three years?


A.      This is the start of the dialogue as we are now at the stage where there are things that can be discussed. 


7.2    Another resident agreed that there needs to be more consultation. Building work is starting before 8am and the dust affecting her health. There was no communication that work would be starting.


Q.      There were letters all residents informing them of the commencement of works (Note: records show that this was 4th July 16). Did you get this?


A.      No, I did not receive any information.


7.3    Information is also available on the website 


Q.      What is happening regarding the request for funding for the toilet for the allotment as there is money for the project?


A.      Emma explained the, since her last visit, one of the priorities for her in her new role has been increasing transparency. We have undertaken a full review of all S106 and developed a new, more consultative, process for allocating S106 money and the Community Infrastructure Funding which has replaced it. The next Assembly on March 28th will be reporting back on the review of funding and undertaking consultation on the priorities for Evelyn ward. We will be rolling the new processes out across the borough, starting with Evelyn and adopting an approach similar to Southwark where residents will identify projects linked to the local plan.


7.4    Sarah clarified that, as per her e-mail, there is agreed S106 money for allotment however this has not been received so it cannot be allocated to a project until payment has been received.


Q.      There will be luxury apartments built and affordable rent but what is Lewisham’s policy on social housing as local people cannot afford the so called affordable rents?


A.      Emma explained that local authorities are constrained by the government definition of affordable. In this development the maximum charge will be set at 60% rather than 80% of private rent levels.  


Q.      Can you push back against this?


A.      The Mayor of London Has a draft viability plan and Emma is cautiously optimistic regarding proposed changes.


Q.    How can we help with this?


A.        Being here and at meeting like this, raising the issues so that we can take your views back and ensure they are represented.


7.5    Malcolm Cadman drew the Assemblies attention to the Voice for Deptford Meeting which will take place on Tuesday 7th February from 7.00-9.00pm at The Armada Centre. Over 90% of what is built is for private ownership and much of this is buy to let or buy to leave. He added that there is a need more social housing and residents want to enter into a dialogue so local people are well informed and we can  ...  view the full agenda text for item 7.


Results of the Assembly Vote

8.Results of the Assembly Vote


Cllr Jacca announced the results of the funding for this year’s Evelyn Assembly Fund. There was £12,500 and the results are outlined in the table below.


Project No:

Organisation/project name:

Bid Value:



Category A ~ Young People





Community Ambassador Project






Inspiring Your Imagination

Healthy Lewisham TV ~ series 3






ARLA Partnership

Roller Skating at Riverside






Sports Fun 4 All

Evelyn Football Project




Category B ~ Children & Families




Carers Lewisham

Young Carers Honeypot Adventure






The Lennox Project & SMASHfestUK

The Lennox Project Schools Outreach






Evelyn Parents Forum

Play Club




Category C ~ Community Cohesion




Age Exchange & Deptford Mission

Life Lines






2000 Community Action Centre

Getting to Know You




Proposal 10

Federation of Refugee Vietnamese in Lewisham (FORVIL) One Stop Shop