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Venue: Leander Community Centre, Ship Street, SE8 4DH

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Welcome from the Chair


Cllr Alicia Kennedy ,Chair of the Brockley assembly, welcomed everyone to the meeting.


2014/15 Successful projects, a brief presentation from:

·        Local community street tree planting initiative (£2,400) – The Brockley Society

·        Deptford Cinema – Subsidised Ticket Scheme (£2,000)- Deptford Free Cinema CIC

·        Brockley Max Festival 2015 – Opening Night (£2,436) Max Media Arts CIC Ltd

·        Breakspears Mews Community Garden (£1,395) – The Brockley Society

·        Brockley Tree Pits Planting Project (£600)- Brockley Cross Action Group

·        Creative Project for 60 plus (£500) - Bright Beginnings

·        Food for the Soul (£650)- Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust

·        Make a Skate Deck – (£1,595) - Frameless Arts C.I.C.



·        Local community street tree planting initiative (£2,400) – The Brockley Society


Dom Eliot talked about the new street trees initiative. Trees can be chosen by an individual, a group of neighbours, an organisation or a business. This winter the Brockley Society has directly facilitated the planting of 36 trees, an annual count which has more than doubled  every year since 2012. According to the Council there are 500 vacant tree-pits in the Brockley area, and an even larger number of gaps. The aim is to fill them over the next few years.

Thanks to the Assembly’s grant, the first twenty trees to be sponsored for planting next winter will attract a 50% discount.

The scheme covers watering of the young trees. Dom explained that if volunteers help with this then the overall costs can be reduced.

You can find out more about getting involved with Brockley’s trees, by viewing their blog, plus further information at

Or contact


·        Deptford Cinema – Subsidised Ticket Scheme (£2,000)- Deptford Free Cinema CIC

Deptford Cinema is a brand new volunteer-run, not-for-profit cinema - and

everyone is invited to come and visit. At the moment the cinema is being

built by a committed group of volunteers, all of whom are local residents. For the next few weeks whilst the finishing touches are done, the cinema is showing ‘DIY Screenings’ – a chance to come in, check out the place and to see a film in the (almost-finished) screening theatre.

The cinema will show all kinds of films – new and old, UK and from around the world – and programming is done at public meetings (every Sunday, 4pm), where people can propose films and then, with support, programme them.

The Cinema will mean that world-class programmes are available just round the corner .

They offer discount tickets for Brockley residents

Screenings will normally be low cost (£5 to see a film, or £3.50 for

concessions). Any Brockley resident will automatically qualify as a concession, and anyone who would normally qualify as a concession will be able to attend for free! All you need to do is bring some proof of eligibility

(any letter addressed to you will do, or any card or document

showing eligibility for a concession if that applies).

For further information and to check what’s showing go to or follow the Cinema on Facebook or Twitter @DeptfordCinema


·        Brockley Max Festival 2015 – Opening Night (£2,436) Max Media Arts CIC Ltd

Now in its 14th year, The Brockley Max is a community arts festival, celebrating local talent in Brockley, Ladywell, Crofton Park and Honor Oak. It will once again be taking place from 29 May to 6 June.

There will be 9 days of great events including our opening event Brockley Max Opening Night’ on Friday 29 May from 4pm to 10.30pm by Brockley station. Sponsored by the Brockley Assembly, this will feature live music and dance performances.

Their ‘Art In  ...  view the full minutes text for item 26.


'Bag it and Bin it' project

Julia Burke, from the Corbett Residents Association to update on their Dog mess project




Julia Burke, from the Corbett Residents Association to update on their Dog mess project

Julia, from the Corbett Residents Association  in the Catford South Ward ,

outlined her experiences with dealing with the Lewisham wide issue of dog

 mess within her project that is still in the developing stages.

She explained that the problem of dogs fouling our pavements is nation-wide and so, affects us all. It is unpleasant, anti-social, smelly and an undisputed health hazard.


The Corbett Residents’ Association has started the process of setting  up a ‘’Bag it ’n’ Bin it’’ Clean-up Campaign.


This includes selecting all 13 streets of The Corbett Residents’ Association, in particular, focusing on the streets which are most severely affected or are in consistent,  concentrated use, ie: routes to the park, roads surrounding and to the 2 schools, the 2 shopping parades, the Library and the Dr’s surgery.


The aims are to create a safe and clean environment for all who use our streets and educate/inform the public as to their responsibilities as dog owners.

Activities included/ to be included:

·        Using elements of the ‘’Bag it ’n’ Bin it, Big Scoop’’ nation-wide campaign of June, 2013, a ‘Doggie –Doo Team’ set up, from volunteers, to undertake the initiative.


·        LBL metal signs, stating that it is a criminal offence to allow one’s dog to foul the footpaths and that offenders are liable to prosecution will be installed along designated streets.


·        The official LBL ’Bag it ‘n’ Bin it’ pavement stencils applied to pavements throughout the designated areas.


·        Subject to permission from Skanska, laminated ‘’Bag it ‘n’ Bin it’’ signs will be affixed to lampposts.


·        Free Doggie-Poo Bags distributed to dog owners.


·        A focused initiative is being developed to take place on the streets, with the issuing of informative flyers, posters and ‘’doggie-bags’’.


It was agreed to get feedback in a few months time on the success of the project and what lessons could be learnt to run a similar scheme in Brockley.


The following useful contact were provided:

Dogs Trust – 020 7837 0006

Love Lewisham app.

Environmental Health – 020 8314 7171


Corbett Residents’ Association



Cutting Shapes dance performance

Short demonstration by Kerry Boyd



Short demonstration by Kerry Boyd



Macaroni Woods outdoor residential centre

Update and short film by James Wilkinson



Update and short film by James Wilkinson

Noah’s Ark Children’s Venture (also known widely as Macaroni Wood) is a registered charity, operating from woodland in the Cotswolds. For almost 40 years they have been providing facilities to a wide range of groups from Lewisham. These groups include children, young people, adults, including those with disabilities and special needs.

Macaroni Wood is only two and half hours from Lewisham, making it an ideal location for short-stay residential breaks. The main building, Bazley House, can accommodate up to 27 people in 9 bedrooms.

Discounted rates may be applicable.

For more information, contact 01367 850356





Street Art Festival presentation


The Brockley Street Art Festival  aims to improve the appearance of the area through the creation of stunning murals along the Brockley Corridor and throughout the neighbourhood.

The week long community event in May is being organised by local residents, the annual Brockley Max festival and Global Street Art (London’s foremost mural-organisers). Artists and mural designs will be vetted rigorously and adhere to a strict code of ethics (nothing offensive).

The organisers are building support with local landlords, and shop owners, to turn the blank walls of Brockley into great art for everyone.


For further information email


Following a full discussion of the issues around street art and its impact on Brockley, it was agreed to award the funding pending the successful outcome of a follow up meeting, to take place within 10 days, called to look at:


·         The proposed Brockley sites where the art will be placed

·         The Process for picking the artists and the art

·         Brockley Street Art's community consultation plans, and

·         How they see the assembly being involved.

An open invitation was given to the assembly for all those who would like to be involved in the further discussions.



Community information


Clare Cowen from The Brockley Society (email or invited everyone to take part  in a mass photo (like the one last taken in 1918 ) in Hilly Fields on Sunday 19th July.




Closing remarks

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-- Join the Brockley Assembly Coordinating Group            

- Feedback forms

Cllr Kennedy highlighted the importance of completing the feedback forms and invited members to join the coordinating group which plans the assembly and discusses local issues and updates . If you would like to join contact for further information.


- Date and agenda items for next meeting:

Tuesday 16 June  2015, 7pm, Leander Community Centre



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