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The 18 October 2010 minutes were agreed as an accurate account, subject to the following changes:


  • Councillor Curran stated that many polling stations such as St Bartholomew are flat with boundary walls and fencing, and so easily obstruct polling signage. Councillor Curran proposed that as a general guidance to presiding officers, polling signage be positioned at a right angle to the boundary of polling stations.


  • Councillor Hall made a point of information. He highlighted that one of the main motivation in requesting that a referral be sent to Mayor and Cabinet was to ensure that there was sufficient budget, however He felt that the reference did not mention resources. However, the Head of Law clarified that there are no proposals to reduce the election budget.


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Councillor Curran declared that he works for the public affairs company


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The Chair invited the Electoral Services Manager to present the updated report.




As requested by the Elections Committee a copy of the above report was sent to the Mayor and Cabinet on19th January 2011 where its contents were noted and agreement given that the Elections Committee be consulted on all matters related to electoral changes, especially on boundary changes.


With regards to 4.7.5, Councillor Curran inquired when verification of the poll for the referendum has to be completed by. The Head of Law replied that verification has to be done by 1pm and then there has to be a 3 hours gap, but the counting cannot begin before 4pm on the same day, however we are estimating that we will be finished by 6pm.


Councillor Curran asked how long before the referendum is information sent out, and whether only one set of information will be sent out, or whether an opportunity will be taken to send out other information at the same time.  The Electoral Services manager confirmed that the electoral commission will be mailing information to all house holds between 4-14 April 2011.


The Chair raised concern regarding the over prescription of the Electoral Commission, as no consultations were held. He asked what the Committee could do to raise these concerns. The Head of Law replied that there is very little the Committee can do in the way of changing the actions of the Electoral Commission as they are now responsible for all activities during this time.


With regards to 4.9.5, the Chair asked what was the future for electoral services.  The Electoral Services Manager replied that there is a short term and long term issue. The short term is that if it goes right the Electoral Commission will deem this as their success and suggest that they should take over the Electoral Services nationally, and if it goes wrong the local service will be blamed. There is a longer term discussion about the future of Electoral Service and who runs it, as there is a view outside of the Metropolitan Boroughs, who have restricted resources, that there could be some performance failures. 


Regarding Individual Elector Registration, Councillor Paschoud asked when the Committee can feed into the debate. The Electoral Services Manager stated that at some stage there may be consultation and this could provide an opportunity for the Committee to feed into it. However, at present they are testing whether data matching is going to work, so a number of pilots are being tried, before going onto the next stage.


Councillor Paschoud asked officers to explain the wider debate about the use of credit agencies. The Electoral Services Manager replied that there was a consultation about the edited register and whether this should be continued to be compiled. The professional view is that the register should be used for electoral purpose; it is not proof of residency, but a self declaration. However there is a concern that we  ...  view the full minutes text for item 3.