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The Chair remarked in respect of minute 4 that the words ‘until the AGM in

2016’ were likely to be removed when the Working Party considered an item

on the Broadway Theatre Working group later in the agenda.


The Chair further raised a call for a review of appointments of directors to the

Catford Regeneration Partnership Ltd company The Head of Law said a

report could be considered by the Working Party after the completion of the

European Referendum.


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on June 10 2015 be

confirmed and signed as a correct record.


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None were made.


Options for the Public Transport Liaison Committee pdf icon PDF 88 KB


Four options for the consideration of the Working Party were presented by the

Interim Scrutiny Manager.


The Chair reported he had discussed the options with the Chair of the

Sustainable Development Committee and concluded options that did not

sustain the valuable public transport liaison function could not be

recommended. He said an opportunity now existed to formalise support

arrangements and provide a direct link between scrutiny, the executive, TfL

and transport providers. 


The Chair suggested a recommendation to Council of Option B, modified to

include membership on the liaison committee of the Chair and Vice-Chair of

Sustainable Development Committee and the Cabinet Member with

responsibility for Transport.


The Working Party agreed the Terms of Reference should be as set out in

paragraph 4.2 of the report. The Chair added that the impact on the wider

balance of responsibilities between Select Committees needed to be reviewed

and the Interim Head of Scrutiny should draw up a short report for

consideration at the next meeting of the Working Party.




(1) the Council be recommended to approve Public Transport Liaison as a

body of the Council with the terms of reference set out in paragraph 4.2;


(2) the Chair and Vice-Chair of Sustainable Development Committee and the

Cabinet Member with responsibility for Transport be nominated as members

and all other Councillors should have the right to attend and ask questions;


(3) the new committee should meet four times a year.



Broadway Theatre Working Group - extension to lifespan pdf icon PDF 53 KB


The Chair proposed that the suggested 6 month extension of the Working

Group be agreed or at such earlier time as the final report is written. The

Chair of the Working Group, Councillor Walsh, said he fully endorsed this



RESOLVED that the Broadway Theatre Working Group be extended for six

months or such earlier time as a final report is agreed.


The meeting closed at 7.10pm.