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Election of Speaker pdf icon PDF 28 KB


Councillor Tauseef Anwar was proposed by Councillor Eva Stamirowski and

seconded by Councillor Ese Erheriene.


In accepting his unanimous appointment, the Speaker thanked the Council for

re-electing him as Speaker and extended a cordial welcome to the many

guests in attendance, including his father, visiting from Pakistan.


RESOLVED that Councillor Tauseef Anwar be elected as Speaker of the

Council for the Municipal Year 2022/2023.



Election of Deputy Speaker pdf icon PDF 174 KB


The election of Councillor Hau-Yu Tam was proposed by Councillor Eva

Stamirowski and seconded by Councillor Ese Erheriene.


RESOLVED that Councillor Hau-Yu Tam be elected as Deputy Speaker

of the Council for the Municipal Year 2022-2023.



Election of Mayor pdf icon PDF 111 KB


RESOLVED that the report of the Returning Officer recording the re-election

of Damien Egan as Mayor for a four year period of office expiring in May

2026 be received.


Election of Councillors pdf icon PDF 161 KB


RESOLVED that the report of the Returning Officer noting the election

of 54 Councillors for a four year period of office expiring in May 2026 be




Declaration of Interests pdf icon PDF 209 KB


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 28 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on March 2 2022 be

confirmed and signed as a correct record.


Announcements or Communications pdf icon PDF 208 KB


RESOLVED that the two written announcements be noted.


Executive Composition pdf icon PDF 29 KB

Additional documents:


The Mayor informed the Chief Executive that the members listed below would

serve as members of the Cabinet in the Municipal Year 2022-23:






Damien Egan


Mayor of Lewisham

Cllr Brenda Dacres


Deputy Mayor and Cabinet Member for Housing Development and Planning

Cllr Chris Barnham


Cabinet Member for Children, Young People and Community Safety


Cllr Paul Bell


Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care

Cllr Juliet Campbell

Cabinet Member for Communities, Refugees and Wellbeing


Cllr Sophie Davis

Cabinet Member for Housing Management

and Homelessness


Cllr Amanda de Ryk

Cabinet Member for Finance and Strategy


Cllr Louise Krupski

Cabinet Member for Environment and Climate



Cllr Kim Powell


Cabinet Member for Businesses, Jobs and Skills

Cllr André Bourne

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure (job share)


Cllr James-J Walsh

Cabinet Member for Culture and Leisure (job share)



RESOLVED that the constitution and composition of the Executive for the

municipal year 2022/23 be noted.


Scheme of delegation pdf icon PDF 201 KB


The Mayor confirmed he had not made any changes to the existing powers

delegated by him in relation to Executive functions since the last report in May



RESOLVED to note that there are no changes to the existing Mayoral

Scheme of Delegation in Part VIII of the Council’s Constitution.



Committee Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 25 KB


There had been no changes to the terms of reference of Council committees

since the item was last considered in May 2021.


RESOLVED to note that there are no changes to the terms of reference of the

Overview & Scrutiny Committee, Standards Committee or other committees.


Allocation of seats 2022 pdf icon PDF 159 KB

Additional documents:


The Council considered a report setting out an allocation of seats on

committees to political groups on the Council in compliance with the

requirements of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.


Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees would

continue to be allocated with the proportion of seats held by the political

groups on the Council.


At the proposal of Councillor Stamirowski, seconded by Councillor Ese

Erheriene, Members agreed unanimously to form an Overview and Scrutiny

Committee of all 44 non-executive Councillors that was politically balanced.




(i) seats be allocated to political parties as indicated on the schedule attached

to the report;


(ii) the Overview & Scrutiny Committee shall comprise all 44 non-executive

 Councillors; and


(iii) the composition of the Constitution Working Party, the Appointments

Committee, the Urgency Committtee, 3 Planning Committees, a Strategic

Planning Committee, a Licensing Committee, a Licensing (Supplementary

Committee), a Pensions Investment Committee, a Health and Safety

Committee, an Elections Committee and an Audit Pane with the Terms of

Reference set out be agree.


Appointments to Committees pdf icon PDF 32 KB

Additional documents:


It was oved by Councillor Stamirowski and duly seconded by Councillor

Erheriene that members be appointed to serve on committees as listed below.

The motion was declared carried and it was:


RESOLVED that members be appointed to serve on Committees, as

indicated, for the municipal year 2022/23.


Council Speaker (1)


Councillor Tauseef Anwar

Council Deputy Speaker (1)


Councillor Hau-Yu Tam

Planning Committee (A)



Councillor Peter Bernards (Forest Hill (Chair)

Councillor Oana Olaru (Downham) (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Hilary Moore (Grove Park)

Councillor Ayesha Lahai-Taylor (Brockley)

Councillor Liam Curran (Sydenham)

Councillor John Muldoon (Rushey Green)

Councillor Natasha Burgess (Catford South)

Councillor John Paschoud (Perry Vale)

Councillor Rudi Schmidt (Evelyn)

Councillor James Rathbone (Lee Green)


Planning Committee (B)



Councillor Jack Lavery (Sydenham) (Chair)

Councillor Billy Harding (Forest Hill)(Vice-Chair)

Councillor William Cooper (Evelyn)

Councillor Sian Eiles (Brockley)

Councillor Rachel Onikosi (Bellingham)

Councillor Liz Johnston Franklin (Ladywell)

Councillor Carol Webley-Brown (Crofton Park)

Councillor Suzannah Clarke (Grove Park)

Councillor Aliya Sheikh (Lewisham Central)

Councillor Luke Sorba (Telegraph Hill)


Planning Committee (C)




Councillor Jacq Paschoud (Bellingham)(Chair)

Councillor Aisha Malik-Smith (New Cross Gate (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Stephen Penfold (Brockley)

Councillor Laura Cunningham (Ladywell)

Councillor Hau-Yu Tam (Evelyn)

Councillor Tauseef Anwar (Crofton Park)

Councillor James Royston (Catford South)

Councillor Mark Ingleby (Hither Green)

Councillor Sakina Sheikh (Perry Vale)

Councillor Rosie Parry (Deptford)


Strategic Planning Committee



Councillor Suzannah Clarke (Chair)

Councillor John Paschoud (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Jack Lavery

Councillor Peter Bernhards

Councillor Jacq Paschoud

Councillor Louise Krupski

Councillor James Walsh

Councillor Aliya Sheikh

Councillor William Cooper

Councillor Mark Ingelby


Licensing (inc Supplementary) Committee




Councillor Susan Wise (Chair)

Councillor Yemisi Anifowose (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Luke Warner

Councillor Mark Jackson

Councillor Bill Brown

Councillor Eva Kestner

Councillor Coral Howard

Councillor Stephen Hayes

Councillor Edison Huynh

Councillor Liam Shrivashava


Appointments Committee (5)


Councillor Mark Ingleby

Councillor Hau-Yu Tam

Councillor Yemisi Anifowose

2 Cabinet Members


Pensions Investment Committee



Councillor Sian Eiles (Chair)

Councillor Louise Krupski

Councillor Mark Ingleby

Councillor James Royston

Councillor Mark Jackson

Councillor Chris Best

Councillor Yemisi Anifowose

Councillor John Muldoon


Health & Safety Committee



Councillor Laura Cunningham (Chair)

Councillor Paul Bell

Councillor Stephen Hayes

Councillor Aisha Malik-Smith

Councillor Aliya Sheikh

Councillor Chris Best


Elections Committee



Councillor John Paschoud (Chair)

Councillor James-J Walsh

Councillor William Cooper

Councillor Luke Warner

Councillor Peter Bernhards

Councillor Rosie Parry


Standards Committee




Councillor Hilary Moore (Chair)

Councillor Bill Brown (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Brenda Dacres

Councillor Peter Bernards

Councillor Eva Kestner

Councillor Eva Stamirowski

Councillor James Rathbone

Councillor Rosie Parry

Councillor Aliya Sheikh

Councillor Rachel Onikosi

Cathy Sullivan

Gill Butler

David Roper Newman

Leslie Thomas

Fasil Bhatti

Joy Walton


Council Urgency Committee (6)



Councillor Tauseef Anwar (Chair)

Councillor Brenda Dacres (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Paul Bell

Councillor Mark Ingleby

Councillor Joan Millbank

Councillor Jacq Paschoud


Constitution Working Party



Councillor Oana Olaru (Chair)

Councillor Amanda De Ryk

Councillor Susan Wise

Councillor Aisha Malik-Smith

Councillor James Rathbone

Councillor Luke Warner


Audit Panel

(6 plus 4 co-optees)



Councillor Eva Kestner (Chair)

Councillor Carol Webley-Brown

Councillor Liam Shrivastava  ...  view the full minutes text for item 77.


Appointments to Bodies pdf icon PDF 32 KB

Additional documents:


The Speaker reported there were no bodies where there were more

candidates than places available. The Speaker then moved and the Deputy

Speaker seconded a proposal that the tabled schedule of appointments be



The motion was declared carried and it was:


RESOLVED that members be appointed to serve on other committees and

organisations as set out below:




Appointment 22/23

Age Exchange Board of Trustees (1)

Amanda de Ryk

Albany 2001 Council of Management (1)

Stephen Hayes


Albion Millennium Green Trust (1)

Billy Harding

Blackheath Joint Working Party (3)

Amanda de Ryk

Juliet Campbell

Luke Warner

Deptford Challenge Trust  (1)

Rosie Parry

Lewisham Local History Society (1)

Chris Best

London Youth Games (2)

Hilary Moore

Aisha Malik-Smith

Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust (1)

Laura Cunningham

Trinity Laban (1)

Laura Cunningham


Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) JHOSC (2)

Chris Best

John Muldoon

SLaM Mental Health of Older Adults JHOSC (2)


Youth First Board (1)

Edison Huynh




Mayoral Appointments 2022 pdf icon PDF 28 KB

Additional documents:


The Speaker proposed and the Deputy Speaker seconded a proposal that the

schedule of appointments made by the Mayor be noted.


RESOLVED to note the appointments made by the Mayor to the following

external bodies/committees.





Appointment 22/23

Brent, Lewisham, Southwark IT Committee (2)  

Amanda de Ryk

Brenda Dacres

Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership Board 

Chris Barnham

Corporate Parenting Group (6) 


Chris Barnham

John Paschoud

Jacq Paschoud

Brenda Dacres

Coral Howard

Luke Sorba

Groundwork Local Authority Strategic Input Board 

Susan Wise

Health & Wellbeing Board (2) 

Damien Egan

Paul Bell

Intercultural Cities: Group Spokesperson  

Edison Huynh

Joint Street Lighting Committee (2)   

Louise Krupski

Amanda de Ryk

Lewisham Homes Board (2)  



Susan Wise

Mark Jackson

Lewisham College 

Hilary Moore

Lewisham Local Collaborative

Joan Millbank

Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Board 

Liam Shrivastava

Local Government Association – General Assembly (4) 


London Councils:

a)    Leaders’ Committee 

b)    Grants Committee 

c)    Greater London Employment Forum 

d)    Transport & Environment Committee 


a)      Damien Egan / Brenda Dacres

b)      Damien Egan / Juliet Campbell

c)      Amanda de Ryk / Kim Powell

d)      Louise Krupski / Brenda Dacres

London Road Safety Council (2)  

John Paschoud

Carol Webley Brown

Newable (Greater London Enterprise)  

Kim Powell

Phoenix Community Housing Association (2)  

Jacqueline Paschoud

Oana Olaru

Positive Ageing Council Steering Group 

Coral Howard

Safer Lewisham Partnership 

Chris Barnham

SLaM Governor

James Rathbone

Social Services Fostering Panel  

Jacqueline Paschoud

South East London Combined Heat & Power (SELCHP) Board 

James Royston

Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) (3)  

Jacqueline Paschoud

Liz Johnston-Franklin

Aliya Sheikh

London South East Flood Risk Partnership 

Louise Krupski

Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association 

Jacqueline Paschoud

Works Council 

All Cabinet members

Capital Letters

Sophie Davis

Air Quality Champion

Yemisi Anifowose

Evening and Night Time Economy Champion

Will Cooper

Women’s Night Time Safety Champion

Laura Cunningham

Mental Health Champion

Stephen Hayes

Cycling Champion

Mark Ingleby

Armed Forces Champion

Paul Bell

Heritage Champion

Chris Best



Council Calendar 2022-23 pdf icon PDF 29 KB

Additional documents:


The Speaker, seconded by the Deputy Speaker moved that the

recommendations in the report be approved and it was unanimously:




(1) ordinary meetings of the Council be held on 28 September 2022,

23 November 2022, 18 January 2023, 1 March 2023 and 8 March 2023

(fall back) and that the Annual General Meeting be held on 29

March 2023; and


(2) an attached schedule of meetings (Appendix A) for the municipal year

2022/23 be approved.



Annual Mayoral Report


The Mayor delivered his annual address to Council which can be viewed in

entirety at: