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Venue: Council Chamber - Civic Suite

Contact: Kevin Flaherty 


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Declaration of Interests pdf icon PDF 206 KB


Councillor John Muldoon declared a non pecuniary personal interest in Item

10 as a member of the Institute of Directors.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 25 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting held on September 29 2021 be

confirmed and signed as a correct record.


Young Mayor Election pdf icon PDF 162 KB


The Speaker welcomed to the meeting the new Young Mayor, Rosanna

Campbell and Deputy Young Mayor, Olivia Marding.


The Mayor introduced the item and noted this would be a bittersweet moment,

saying goodbye to Femi and Aaliyah the outgoing Young Mayor and Deputy

Young Mayor, while welcoming Rosanna and Olivia the new officeholders.


The Mayor acknowledged that Femi and Aaliyah had been the longest

continuous serving Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor. He praised them

for rising to the challenge of serving an extra year through the pandemic, a

task they had completed with professionalism and diligence. The Mayor

thanked Femi for his service and noted he had remained committed to his

education while at the same time promoting faith, family and community.


The Mayor also put on record his thanks to the late Malcolm Ball who had

been instrumental in making the Young Mayor scheme a national and

international success and who was greatly missed.


Councillor Chris Barnham reported on the results of the election which had

drawn 26 candidates from ten schools and witnessed a turn out of over

50%.He said this was only the fourth time out of seventeen elections that a

woman had been elected as Young Mayor. Remarkably for the first time ever

the top five candidates had all been women.


Councillor Barnham recorded his thanks to the Young Mayor’s team, to the

schools involved, to the Mayor and to Femi and Aaliyah for ensuring the

continuous success of the Young Mayor’s scheme.


The new Young Mayor and Deputy Young Mayor then signed their

Declarations of Acceptance of Office and an undertaking to abide by the Code

of Conduct for their respective roles which were witnessed by the Chief



The outgoing Young Mayor then addressed the meeting and said that as a

Lewisham boy he was deeply honoured to have served as Young Mayor and

he was immensely grateful to everyone who had been part of that journey.

He thanked the officers in the Young Mayor’s team and his Deputy, Aaliyah

who had been a great support and problem solver and who had become a

good friend.



Petitions pdf icon PDF 127 KB


No petitions were presented.


Announcements or Communications pdf icon PDF 287 KB


Mayor of Lewisham’s Recognition Award – Alex Yee


The Mayor presented the first ever Mayor of Lewisham’s Recognition Award

to Olympian, Alex Yee, who at the age of 23 had won gold and silver medals

at the Tokyo Olympic Games. He was a former Stillness School pupil, who as

long ago as 2012 had represented Lewisham in the London Youth Games.


In response Alex Yee thanked the Mayor for the amazing award which made

him a proud Brockley boy. He thanked the Borough for all the efforts it had

made to unleash the huge sporting potential that existed in Lewisham.


Obituaries – Derek Wenham and Sir David Amess MP


Councillor Chris Best highlighted the contribution of Derek Wenham who had

served two terms from 1971-78 for the South Lee Ward which was now Grove



The Speaker remembered Sir David Amess MP for Southend West who had

been brutally murdered while engaged in public service.


All present observed a one minute silence in memory of Derek Wenham and

Sir David Amess.


Mayor of Lewisham’s Business Awards


The results of the awards were announced by Councillor Kim Powell.


Mayor’s Awards for Voluntary Contributions 2022


An announcement on the launch of the awards was made by Councillor Kim

Powell and further information was provided by Councillor Joan Millbank who

asked for nominations to be submitted by December 12.


White Ribbon Day 2021


Councillor Brenda Dacres provided further details of this annual event which

was starting the next day with sixteen days of activism against gender based



Councillor Alan Hall referred to a recent article in the Evening Standard which

said the Office for National Statistics had published the first comprehensive

analysis of the impact of violence against women and girls. He asked the

Deputy Mayor if she would publish a report on the new figures relating to

Lewisham for Council scrutiny.


Councillor Dacres responded by acknowledging the role of scrutiny and

saying it was important that the voices of survivors were heard. She indicated

she would investigate the ONS article further.


Phillipe Granger


Councillors Kim Powell, John Muldoon and Joan Millbank all paid tribute to

the outgoing Chief Executive of Lewisham Local Rushey Green Time Bank.


Good Parks for London report


Councillor Patrick Codd reported on Lewisham’s parks and greenspaces

being named ‘best’ in London in the Good Parks for London report.


Public questions pdf icon PDF 25 KB

Additional documents:


75 questions were received from members of the public which were

answered by the Cabinet Member indicated. Thirty minutes were made

available at the meeting for questioners to raise supplementary questions.

A copy of the questions and answers was circulated separately and can be

viewed on the Council website with the meeting papers.



Member questions pdf icon PDF 25 KB


10 questions were received from Councillors which were answered by the

Cabinet Members indicated. A copy of the questions and answers was

circulated separately and can be viewed on the Council’s website with the

meeting papers.



Final Accounts 2020-21 pdf icon PDF 280 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Amanda De Ryk moved that the recommendations be approved

and this was seconded by Councillor James Rathbone.


Councillor Alan Hall expressed regret that the Value for Money findings would

not be available until next year. Councillor Rathbone explained that the delay

had been as a result of the pandemic and was in line with National Audit

Office recommendations and it was then unanimously:




(1) the adjustments to the financial statements in the Audit Findings Report be



(2) the Action Plan set out be approved;


(3) the Letters of Representation on behalf of the Council be approved;


(4) the Annual Governance Statement (AGS) be approved;


(5) the 2020/21 audited Statement of Accounts (including Main accounts,

Group accounts and Pension Fund accounts) be approved;


(6) delegated authority be given to the Executive Director for Corporate

Resources approval to make final adjustments to the Statement of Accounts if

required by Grant Thornton, prior to the 30 November 2021


Polling District Review 2021 Returning Officer's Final Proposals pdf icon PDF 6 MB


Councillor Kevin Bonavia moved that the recommendations be approved and

this was seconded by Councillor John Paschoud and it was then





(1) the Returning Officer’s proposals be received; and


(2) the revised polling scheme be approved for publication on 1 December



Catford Regeneration Partnership Ltd Appointment of Directors pdf icon PDF 244 KB

Additional documents:


Prior to the conclusion of the meeting, Councillor James Walsh confirmed for

the record that an interjection made during Councillor Bell’s contribution did

not emanate from anyone physically present in the Chamber.


The Mayor moved that the recommendations be approved and this was

seconded by Councillor John Muldoon. Following a contribution from

Councillor Paul Bell, it was unanimously:




(1) the appointment of David Austin and Zahur Khan as Directors of the

Catford Regeneration Partnership Limited (CRPL) be endorsed; and


(2) David Austin and Zahur Khan be indemnified as Directors in accordance

with the attached Deed of Indemnity agreed at the inception of the Company.


Request to Extend Six Month Rule pdf icon PDF 229 KB


Councillor Hilary Moore moved that the recommendations be approved and

this was seconded by Councillor Joan Millbank and it was unanimously:


RESOLVED that in accordance with Section 85 of the Local Government Act

1972, Councillor Krupski’s non-attendance at meetings until May 2022 be

approved so as to allow bereavement leave.



The meeting closed at 9.48pm