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RESOLVED that the minutes of the open meeting held on 21 May 2019 be confirmed as a correct record.


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RESOLVED that the report be noted.


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Cycle Super 4 Implementation Works


The Policy and Development Manager introduced the report.


Councillor Sorba stated that residents had raised concerns about the presumed negative impact this project would have on bus routes. The Policy and Development Manager explained the flow of traffic during morning and afternoon peak times to Panel Members. The data had shown that within Lewisham this project would largely improve bus journey times during peak periods, with the exception of one section which may see approximately a 1.5 minute increase in the bus journey time during the am peak. Councillor Sorba asked for a demographic profile of bus users, and cyclists and was told this information would be forwarded to him later, in the form of a TFL equalities impact assessment.


Action >>>>>> ED Resources & Regeneration


Councillor Curran said that most of the information that were coming out showed that females did not feel safe to cycle, and they would need better protection. He said segregated cycling would provide safety. Councillor Sorba asked whether data would be provided to show past, and current use of cycle lanes, and was told TFL would be doing this. The Policy and Development Manager informed Panel Members that TFL would be rebranding the name from Superhighway to Cycleway, as they thought the former gave the impression of being aimed at commuters only.


Councillor Codd commented that Lewisham do not have a current cycle highway and seemed to have one of the lowest number of cyclists in London. The Policy and Development Manager said she was not sure Lewisham was one of the lowest as it had 3% modal share, and the highest being around 7%. Panel Members stated that this might be one way of encouraging cycling in the borough.


Panel Members raised concerns about the projected impact on Trundleys Road, and were assured that research had shown that wider improvements would occur with the project.  Councillor Curran said he would like to hear about smaller cycling projects that would be finished before this major one. The Policy and Development Manager responded that all development schemes would seek to integrate cycle improvement schemes where possible. Councillor Codd commented that it was important that the message was about all road users as opposed to cyclists.


The Chair said Business Panel welcomed the report, and concurred that segregated cycling was the way forward. He thanked the officer for the report. 


RESOLVED that the decision of Mayor and Cabinet be noted.


Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees Work Programmes pdf icon PDF 180 KB


The Scrutiny Manager introduced the report. She stated that the second round of Select Committee meetings were underway and scoping papers for in-depth reviews were being considered as follows:

  • Housing Select Committee (resident engagement on estate redevelopment)
  • Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee (Equalities)
  • Public Accounts Select Committee (Income generation)
  • Sustainable Development Select Committee (Parks management)

 The Scrutiny Manager informed Panel Members that Statutory guidance on scrutiny has been published. It was not very prescriptive and Lewisham’s current practice was consistent with this, however, it would be taken into consideration as part of the scrutiny review being undertaken by the Local Democracy Working Group.

It was also noted that Scrutiny Chairs and Vice Chairs had received some chairing skills training from the Centre for Public Scrutiny on 5 June 2019, which was well-received.

Councillor Campbell said she was concerned that some Scrutiny Members might think that the Local Democracy Review would address most of their issues and concerns, and this was not the case. She asked that officers communicate to all members what the Local Democracy Review would cover, as this would be very useful. The Scrutiny Manager said she would pass on this request to the responsible officer.


Councillor Millbank stated that it would also be useful for Members to be sent a table that sets out the issues which the Local Democracy Review would cover, and when they would be addressed.


Action >>>>>> Scrutiny Manager


Councillor Mallory said Councillor Krupski attended the last meeting in his absence, to present PAC’s recommendation that relevant select committees should be tasked with scrutinising the capital programme expenditure within their remit. He said he felt it was a sensible request to avoid slippage, and hoped this had been added to Select Committees work programmes.


The Scrutiny Manager said she had spoken to the Acting Chief Finance Officer to ensure reports that go to Select Committees in September cover capital programme expenditure. The Chair thanked the officer for the report.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.





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Decisions made by Mayor and Cabinet on 5 June 2019


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