Council meetings

Agenda and minutes

Venue: Civic Suite

Contact: Jasmine Kassim 

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RESOLVED that the minutes of the open meeting held on 12 November 2019 be confirmed as a correct record.


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RESOLVED: That the report be noted.


Open Item(s) - Decision by Mayor and Cabinet on 20 November 2019 pdf icon PDF 19 KB

Summary of decisions that took place at open session.


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Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees Work Programmes - 2019-2020 pdf icon PDF 103 KB


The Scrutiny Manager gave an oral update report in relation to the Overview and Select Committees’ work for 2019-2020.


Chairs of Select Committees were invited to provide their own oral updates on in relation to their respective Committee’s work.


The Panel noted that in terms of scrutiny review, work was underway to finalise proposal on changes to the current structure, and that Members would be consulted prior to recommending it to the Local Democracy Working Group in January 2020.  It was recognised that the proposal would subsequently be considered at full Council for approval prior to inclusion into the Constitution after the Annual Meeting in 2020.


In response to questions about in-depth reviews, the Scrutiny Manager provided the following updates:


·                     Housing Select Committee

Work was underway to conclude the review into residents’ engagement.  The evidence to be collated would analysed and submitted to the next meeting of the Committee, in order to allow recommendations to be formulated by Members.


·                     Safer Stronger Communities Select Committee

The timetable for reviewing equalities had to be extended because of the restrictions in place during the pre-election period.  Thus, some of the more active community engagement work had to be postponed.  Notwithstanding that, evidence gathering was continuing.


·                     Sustainable Development Select Committee

Review into parks management was concluding, following visits to a number of parks across the Borough.  It was confirmed that the final report was being drafted.


Exclusion of the Press and Public pdf icon PDF 25 KB

Summary of the discussion that took place at the closed meeting.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


Decisions made by Mayor and Cabinet on 20 November 2019


Early Help Support Services Review and Permission


The Chair, of the Panel, Councillor Bill Brown, announced that the meeting was in “closed” session. 


The meeting noted that the Chair had received a request for the Panel to consider a decision taken by the Mayor and Cabinet on 20 November 2019 in relation to “Early Help Support Services Review and Permission”. 


The Chair stated that Councillor Chris Barnham, Cabinet Member for School Performance and Children’s Services was in attendance, together with the Director of Joint Commissioning & Early Help, and the Service Manager (Children & Young People Joint Commissioning.


Councillor Chris Barnham advised the Panel that the current review on ‘early help’ was necessary to ensure efficiency in service delivery.  The Cabinet Member stated that it be helpful to the Panel if Officers set the context of the proposals upon which the decision by the Mayor and Cabinet was based. 


The Panel received a presentation by Officers about the proposals considered by the Mayor and Cabinet prior to the decision on “Early Help Support Services Review and Permission”.   The Officers’ presentation and summary notes are attached to these Minutes as an Annex, the details of which can be accessed by virtue of paragraph(s) 3 of Part 1 of Schedule 12A of the Local Government Act 1972.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


Then meeting closed at 7.47pm.