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Referrals and Responses

Referrals to Mayor and Cabinet

At Lewisham, overview and scrutiny makes a significant contribution to the drive for continuous improvement by influencing key decisions before they are made (pre-decision scrutiny), reviewing them after they are made (post-decision scrutiny and call-in) and helping to ensure that services meet targets and the requirements of local residents (performance monitoring and policy development).

Once they have carried out a review of a topic and considered evidence, the scrutiny committee discuss and agree what their recommendations to the Mayor would be and agree to refer their recommendations to the Mayor for consideration. These referrals are then considered by the Mayor and he is obliged to provide a formal response to the scrutiny committee.

Please find below referrals made by scrutiny committees to Mayor and Cabinet. These will include the recommendations made by the scrutiny committee and, where applicable, the corresponding report.

Also find below any responses they have received from Mayor and Cabinet.