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The Lewisham Community Police Consultative Group is an Independent Forum for Lewisham’s residents, businesses and representatives of community organisations to engage with the police and other agencies who are working to make Lewisham a safer place.


Lewisham CPCG host five or more public forum meetings each year with reports on local policing and community safety initiatives, including crime statistics, from senior Lewisham Police officers and the Safer Lewisham Partnership.  There is also an opportunity to raise questions with the Police and the Safer Lewisham Partnership.  Most meetings will also have a particular theme and guest speaker(s). 


The local authority kindly provide the group with online space for their web pages and for meeting details and papers, but please note the LCPCG is managed by volunteers and is independent from police and local authority.


Click here for the LCPCG’s main web pages with more information about their work.

Contact information

Location: Civic Suite, Lewisham Town Hall, London SE6 4RU

Daisy Cairns

Phone: 020 8314 8975


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Our representatives

  • Representatives from all Lewisham CPCG member organisations - All Lewisham CPCG member organisations
  • Royston John (Vice-Chair) - NCBI London / LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Mahad Abdullahi - Somali and Somaliland London Community/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Florence Emakpose - World of Hope/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Gordon Glean - Lewisham Shopping Centre/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Martyn Grover - LBBAC, Lewisham Borough Business Against Crime/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • David Michael - Marsha Phoenix Trust/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Phil Turner - Second Wave Youth Arts/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Nico Springman - Ladywell safer neighbourhood panel/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Jenni Steele - Lewisham Police Independent Advisory Group/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Louise Hubbard - Safer Lewisham Partnership rep (Probation)/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Chief Supt Russell Nyman - Lewisham Police, MPS/ LCPCG Strategy Group
  • Tayo Disu - Hate Crime Working Group Chair / Tabernacle Church
  • Sadiki Harris - LCPCG Stop and Search Scrutiny Group Vice Chair
  • Joanne Hall - Lewisham Central safer neighbourhood panel / LCPCG Ward Panel Forum co-Vice-Chair
  • Richard Holland - LCPCG Ward Panel Forum Vice Chair / Downham Safer Neighbourhood Panel