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Appendix A - Fun Palace Making Session


Fun Palace Making Session – overview

1 “Arts and Sciences”

People on these tables were asked to imagine they WERE the fun palace and had to draw on their own resources to produce the activities.  This challenge produced some exciting and creative suggestions, with people using “spider-maps”, and writing and drawing their ideas on large sheets of paper:

·        Singing/songwriting with sound loops

·        Eco-bricking using non-recyclable plastic

·        Parenting is a science

·        Sub/urban safari

·        Growing from seed

·        Simple science experiments




·        Radio Sydenham Live

·        Bike-powered electricity

·        Paper plane-making

·        Crafts

o   Jewellery making

o   Painting

o   Work with materials – dressing up, accessories

o   Knitting

·        Inspirational pictures - art appreciation

·        African dancer

o   Dance routine

o   Singing – karaoke

·        Dance-a-thon

o   Ballet, Ballroom, Salsa, tango, African jazz – 10 minutes of each


Advertising for Fun Palace – in Sydenham Life Mag – St. Barts

·        Hands-on Science activities for kids (and for us big kids?! – Ed):

o   Lemonade bottle rockets

o   Bicard soda volcanoes

o   Paper mache

o   Dyson – “cards” with example activities for people to take away

o   Located in Home Park

·        Making yoghurt

·        Water display – show what is what!

·        Experiment of some sort to show why it is important to be aware and involved

·        Recycling demo

·        Cooking food from the allotment …. Pizza oven? Mayow Park, Grow Mayow?



















































till life set up




















2 Resources and Publicity

We also had two tables where people discussed Resources and Publicity (or Nuts and bolts and Getting the word out!). Some surprising and fascinating ideas came from these tables including more ideas for activities!


·        Dog agility – police dog handlers

·        Singing for pleasure

·        Local history – young and old

·        Musical instrument

·        For the cultural salon I can provide lots of philosophers!!!

·        Face-painting

·        I could get 9th Sydenham Scout Association to do something

·        I could bake resources: Food J

·        Speakers corner – history, topics, anything

·        Sydenham Orchestra

·        Genealogy

·        Beekeeping

·        Footballers/authors engaged in reading support

·        Intergenerational football coaching or basketball coaching

·        Big Match in the yard

·        TNG – should be a Fun palace every week!



Publicity – on this table people were asked to think about a very isolated person who would be unlikely to get involved and how we could reach out to that person.... this is what they came up with….

Reserved: This person is not an organiser, but likes to talk and to have a laugh…
Reserved: This person lives locally and might be a carer for a family member, isolated, possibly stressed and very busy, has little time for themselves and will find it hard to take on more…












How to reach them?

·        Notices in GP surgeries

·        Local shops/pharmacies

·        Sydenham Garden

·        Car park – noticeboards?

·        Park noticeboards

·        By invitation, direct approach

·        Intergenerational – invite your parent, carers

·        Supermarkets to get involved in spreading the word

·        Bring a friend or neighbour

·        “Fun is for everybody not just kids”

·        “Preconception is FP is for children – deliver message that it is ALL ages”

·        Posters via neighbours

·        Get groups to be a rep to talk about the event


Thank you to EVERYBODY who came and got stuck in and took up the challenge.  Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm and willingness to think differently.  We hope you will all get involved in some way with the Fun Palaces.  If you would like to talk about how to get involved, please call Laura Luckhurst on 020 8314 3830 or email