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Ella Roberta Family Foundation - Research and Education into Childhood Asthma.


Ella Roberta Family Foundation - Rosamund Adoo Kissi-Debrah
Hello everyone. I am here to simply introduce myself and the work of the Foundation. Feel free to ask questions after. Ella Roberta Family Foundation was set up by myself and Dr Wallace from Great Ormond Street Hospital, after my eldest Daughter Ella passed away from asthma. We still to this day do not really know why she passed away, this was one of the reasons that that Dr Wallace felt we should set up a foundation. There were a few issue for him as he worked for great Ormond Street. My late daughter was incredibly passionate about the local area, she was born here, she went to Holbeach school, she went to Lewisham Hospital, she was in the hospital over 40 times. She was a server at St Swithern’s Church, her whole life was about Hither Green, Catford, Lewisham, He felt it was only fitting that if we were setting up a foundation, it should be in Lewisham and Lewisham Children should benefit from the foundation.

We have the support of Lewisham Hospital and I work very closely there with the doctors. We are looking to work with medical students at the hospital and hopefully to go into local schools to raise awareness about asthma.
aim to I work with doctors, not used to speaking to community, I am used to talking to doctor and speak to them about doctors. Sadly I am very medicalised now. There are many issues regarding Ella’s case, this is a tool kit that the doctors and I are why I do what I do

Out of every class in London 3 children have asthma, out of every school 12 children a year die in London from asthma. We were at an asthma event last week, in this day and age no child should die from asthma. No one should die from asthma. My daughter was incredibly sever. Controlling it was a real problem, most people die from mild asthma, such as out of date inhalers, not going for their reviews and check-ups going to their GP at any sign of a problem. It is the no 1 childhood illness. Lewisham has one of the worst asthma rates in the UK. The hospital is overrun with children with asthma. 10000 a year just on spacers part of the inhaler…
Ella’s case came to the notice of Jocelyne Coburn, a human rights lawyer, her interest was personal, she had it herself. She was very interested in the pollution levels. The EU has certain limits we should not be going over. We don’t know if the GOVT will keep to those or do something different. There is an ongoing case where the GOVT has been breaching these levels. Nitrogen dioxide levels are very high locally.

A consultation is going on now. Please fill it in to do with the south circular around pollution levels. Basically to get your support. I have support for friends of the earth. There are boroughs in London, who are doing quite a lot within the community. I don’t really know what is going on in Lewisham, I have approached for the community. Can you help join me measuring the pollution levels. It is very important that the consultation document, The London Mayor will include it in his policy. There are people in Putney who are very vocal, they are not include, but they will make a lot of noise, we need to make a lot of noise too. I now have the Catford Plans, I know the London Mayor wants to reduce emissions. Please go online make lots of noise to help. They can put monitoring tubes in more neighbourhoods, there are likely to be schemes going on and want to let you know that I am learning as I am going so I am asking you to find out more for yourselves and join the Foundation to help do something about local pollution.
Q. Chair of Corbett Estate Neighbourhood Forum stated that part of the development of the neighbourhood plan, we have had people looking at transport around the roads through the Neighbourhood. As part of our policies transport is a part of this. It would be good to talk about getting it into the Catford South Neighbourhood plan.
Q. Bromley road, the A21, a major road. I wondered where does Lewisham Council fit into this?
A. Cllr Alan Smith stated that Lewisham have an environmental team to deal with pollution. The major roads are TFL roads, so it is at a GLA level… firstly we have no power on TFL roads. Hotspots were measured by community groups, we have passed the info onto the GLA, this should be part of the report you mentioned. From our own point of you we are putting in a borough wide 20 mph zone which will reduce emission and also removing speed humps, electric car ports across Lewisham. All small things we have some control over, the GOVT gives Lewisham responsibility, but no power. We hope we will get more powers. We have to be given the powers to enforce things ourselves. The 20mph will be for Lewisham roads though, not the larger TFL roads.
Q. At peoples Day there was a group opposing the Silvertown Tunnel; they had a map of air pollution areas.
A. Cllr Smith. The Silvertown Tunnel offers no improvements Lewisham have formally objected to it. We need bridges further east.
Q. Natasha will you be rolling out electric buses in Lewisham. There is a school with a bus route right outside. TFL run all the buses.
A. About 70% of the buses are already hybrids.
Q. Surely the answer to air pollution is drive less and walk more!! How many people drove here tonight

Ros reminded… If you have asthma please go to your GP and make sure your inhalers are in date and working.