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Community Updates including - Corbett Shutter Art Project


Shutter art Patricio Forester
The Sandhurst Parade Shutter Art Project was funded by the Catford south Assembly.
I am Anglo-Argentine, I have been given an impossible job to try and please everybody to create to shutter art projects on Sandhurst parade.
I do public art, I don’t do graffiti, I settled in the north of the borough I have been here 20 years since graduating from Goldsmiths College. I have been working and developing strategy to make art in the street that generates a sense of improvement. Doesn’t mean everyone will like it, but they get a sense of the urban space and how we related to each other. The same way when you see a broken window, people feel entitled to keep on breaking however, when people see care and perfection people react differently. That is what public art is …it’s about how a group of people can work together to generate a sense of improvement -
We don’t go away and say hey, here is the art work, we follow these plans this is the process that we work to:
The space, who uses it? why? what works? what fails?

INVOLVE Users Managers Stakeholders Experts To explore
constraints eg materials, budget, health and safety, endurance
Creative directions, Production,  options, Media, this is the hardest thing to come up with the ideas,  

INVOLVE Users, Managers, Stakeholders, Experts, To refine the ideas
PRODUCE Print, video, events, ceramics, murals

INVOLVE Users, Managers, Stakeholders, Experts, To evaluate again constantly talking to the community otherwise we never learn while things work better than others.
Fabricio showed pictures of the many of the works he is most know for, including the shirt and ties in Deptford, the cow bins in New cross, 1000 sunflowers planted in New Cross. They might not see it as art but everyone will see it as an improvement.
We work with youth at risk, voting to resolve the conflicts, anxieties about the environment and the complexities of environmental issues. Turned a water tank into a giant screw. (all pics available on the presentation document

We were commissioned by the Corbett Residents Association.
These are some of the problems with the parade we are trying to resolve:
Visually cluttered, Want to bring the shop owners together, Not very appealing at the moment, Doesn’t feel like a destination.
We are doing 2 shops but hoping to enlarge it start with 2 and move it on…
The brief for the shutters was
: Communities coming together, Recognize diversity, Preserve the beauty of the Corbett Estate, Capture the spirit of the area.
Easier said than done
The agreed themes were around
Greening, unity, people coming together, the night.
We took the ideas to the Corbett Estate fun day we showed them all the options and explained the concepts and over 75 people answered the feedback. The most voted for one was eco planet. I’m not surprised, it is the most simple and clear design. We got 17 votes for eco planet, quite controversially the bricks got second place, I started having my doubts about the bricks. The 3rd placed was the soft metallic textured shutter. The things people like about it was the metallic reflective parts. We analyzed the words used most my the respondents ,
colourful came out top (see presentation) …this is my conclusion of the analysis, the eco planet has to be in, but I challenged that the brick had to be second, this is to do with the amount of words, that summed up the metallic design, colourful, reflective, and so on.
To see all the pictures of the designs have a look at the presentation
Q. What are the shops?
A. Uptown and Good Food Catford
Q. Wont it encourage other people to leave graffiti
A. It isn’t graffiti art, it will be laminated and protected.
Q. When’s it going to happen?
A. Hopefully in a couple of months…
Q. The images I was shown at the fun day weren’t very clear – seeing them up like that makes a lot of difference, I immediately now feel for the reflections one. It’s nice to see images with light.

Thank you Patricio. Cllr Stamirowski stated that she thinks it’s a brilliant idea, it’s not a pretty parade, anything that will make this nicer is always worthwhile.