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Healthier Communities Select Committee


Information about Healthier Communities Select Committee

This select committee is responsible for fulfilling all of the overview and scrutiny functions in relation to the provision of service by and performance of health bodies providing services for local people. These functions include:

  • all powers given to the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee by any legislation but in particular the NHS Act 2006 as amended, the Health and Social Care Act 2012, and the Care Act 2014
  • to require the attendance of representatives of health bodies at meetings of the select committee to address it, answer questions and listen to the comments of local people on matters of local concern
  • fulfil all the Councils Overview and Scrutiny functions in relation to social services provided for those 19 years old or older including but not limited to services provided under the Local Authority Social Services Act 1970, National Assistance Act 1948, Mental Health Act 1983, NHS and Community Care Act 1990, Children Act 2004NHS Act 2006, Health and Social Care Act 2012, and any other relevant legislation in place from time to time
  • fulfil the Council’s Overview and Scrutiny functions in relation to the lifelong learning of those 19 years or over (excluding schools and school related services)
  • to hold the Executive to account for its performance in relation to the delivery of Council objectives in the provision of adult services and health and lifelong learning
  • to receive referrals from Lewisham Healthwatch (unless the referral relates solely to those under 19 years of age, in which case the referral will be considered by the Children and Young People Select Committee)
  • to review and scrutinise the Council’s public health functions.