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Venue: Waldron Health Centre, Amersham Vale, London SE14 6LD

Contact: Sarah Lang 

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Welcome from the Chair

New Cross

Assembly Meeting


Date:           Saturday 8th February 2020

Time:           12.00noon~2.00pm

Venue:         Waldron Health Centre



Chair:          Councillor Paul Maslin    





Summary of Meeting




1.   Welcome from Cllr Paul Maslin, Chair of the New Cross Assembly


1.1     Cllr Maslin welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that Cllr Brenda Dacres and Cllr Joe Dromey sent apologies.



2. Presentation on Neighbourhood CIL


2.1    Cllr Maslin introduced James Lee, Director of Culture and Community Development who gave an overview of the process so far & presented feedback received from the on-line consultation. A copy of the presentation is appended to these meeting notes.


2.2    James gave an overview of Neighbourhood CIL explaining what it is, an outline of the approach that Lewisham has adopted & examples of projects that have been undertaken in other boroughs


2.3    There is £262,781.14 available for New Cross. There was a discussion on how this had been calculated as there was a confusion due to a mention of Grove Park ward in the presentation & residents felt that the funding should be weighted to the wards that had the most construction in them. 


2.4    James explained that this was a typo as each ward’s presentation had the same template to ensure parity of process. He clarified that there was weighting applied to allocation adding that he would also be presenting at Forest Hill Assembly later that day where the pot was in the region of £30,000.


2.5    James explained that the figures for respondees for the New Cross ward were lower than in some other wards, however there have been other consultations such as the one that took place as part of the Liveable Neighbourhoods Project which may have impacted of the response rate.


2.6    There was a query regarding the figures in the table outlining the likes as a project that had 35 likes was not featured in the top scorers. James will ask that the figures are checked and that the table is updated to attach to the meeting notes


Q.   Are comments about Deptford High Street included as this is in Evelyn Ward?


A.   The part of Deptford High Street south Giffin Square is in New Cross ward. There is a pot of money for projects that span two wards.


Q.   What are the demographics, for instance have young people been involved?


A.   Sarah confirmed that she had undertaken focus groups with young people & that Woodpecker Youth Club had been consulted as part of the Livable Neighbourhoods work. Alys confirmed that Lewisham Homes undertaken consultation with residents too.


2.6  James outlined the next steps were that there would be an open call for projects to bid for projects under the agreed prioroties which would be launched in March. Residents would then be involved in selecting project in the round of Assmblies taking place in June & July.



3. Priorities Workshop


3.1    There was a discussion on possible contenders for the sixth priority.


3.2    Jill pointed out that the air pollution in New Cross often exceeds the recommended World Health  ...  view the full agenda text for item 1.


Presentation on Neighbourhood CIL


Priorities Workshop


Feedback on previously funded projects ~Creekside Discovery Centre


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