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Venue: Deptford Lounge

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Welcome from the Chair


1.   Welcome from Cllr Joe Dromey, Chair of the New Cross Assembly


1.1    Cllr Joe Dromey was unavoidably delayed so Sarah Lang welcomed everyone to the meeting and explained that Cllr Maslin and Cllr Dacres sent apologies.



Changes to Waste Services


2. Changes to Waste Management


2.1    Sam Kirk started her presentation by giving a context for the changes that Lewisham will be making to their waste management over the coming month. Lewisham is currently near the bottom of the national table for recycling waste. However, we only send about 0.06% to landfill due to the contract with SELCHIP.


2.2    We have a 30 year contract with SELCHIP for the processing of about 100,000 tonnes per year and currently we send about 97,000 tonnes to them. As the population of Lewisham is rising, we need to cut the amount that is per household that goes to be processed and find alternatives where possible.


2.3    In addition there were new regulations introduced in 2015 and by 2020 we need to demonstrate that we are contributing to the national target to recycle, reuse or compost 50% of all our waste. From next year food waste bins will be introduced as part of this strategy.


2.4    Last year we undertook a consultation with residents which was the biggest survey the council had undertaken with circa 6,000 responses. A copy of Sam’s presentation covering the results is attached to the minutes




2.4    Sam reminded resident that textiles are no longer recyclable an these will cause the batch to be rejected as they are considered to be contamination. Other contaminant areeven if they contain recyclables, food waste and nappies.


2.5    The Green Waste service is growing and there are currently 7,820 subscribers and about 50 new subscriptions per week are coming in.


2.6    The weekly food waste service will start from the spring and this will either be composted or go for anaerobic disposal. The refuse service will be fortnightly but this is only where practicable and effects resident residents who currently have black wheelie bins. Housing Associations and flats above shops will not be affected by this change.


Q.     How do you ensure that foxes cannot get into food bin as they have learnt to open them in Bexley?


A.     This is something that only happens in Bexley as we speak to other authorities to share knowledge of the impact of different solution.


Q.     What are the expected success rate and run in times as it is quite a considerable change to the service?


A.     We have spoken to other local authorities regarding this and we have a developed a communication strategy to cover the next few months. It includes

·         Leaflets

·         Signs on our refuse trucks

·         Lewisham Life

·         Bin hangers


Q.     How many extra bins will there be as they cause obstructions on the pavement and this is a problem on some street as people have to walk in the road.


A.     The team are currently reviewing every property that will be included to ensure that the change is practicable.


2.7  Cllr Dromey thanked Sam and added that the consultation showed that people wanted a system that was not too complex and this had been take into consideration in the changes.



Lewisham Pensioners' Forum Update


3. Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum Update


3.1    Tamsin Bacchus introduced the work of the Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum who have moved offices but are still involved in campaigns, consultations and events.


3.2    There is a Save Our NHS group and they are currently gathering information for the Healthier Communities Select Committee consultation. Questionnaires were for this are available this.

3.3    21st September is Pensioners’ Day. There is an event at the Broadway Theatre with guest speakers, stalls, lunch and entertainment. Tickets are £3.00 in advance and £3.50 on the day. All are welcome.


3.4    If anyone wants to become a member it is £10.00 per year. For this you get newsletters, meeting and outings. We also offer gift memberships.






Creative New Cross


4. Creative New Cross


4.1    Cllr Dromey introduced the speakers who had come to tell residents about creative projects that are running in the ward and opportunities to get involved.


Painting Deptford Maze            Patricio Forrester, Artmongers   


4.2    Patricio explained that Art Mongers are an organisation who have worked on local murals. They recently restored His & Hers on Deptford High Street. This was paid for by Anthology who are a developer delivering a new build project locally.


4.2    The next project will be creating a new mural in the square on New Cross Road at the intersection with Tanners’ Hill. This as the result of the Brockley Assembly who identified that it needed updating.


4.3    The funding has come from the Mayor with the brief being to create a new mural to brighten the square crates a sense inclusive of space.


4.4    It is a difficult canvas as it has three buttresses which divide the space, the square has no name and there are some street drinkers who congregate there.


4.5    The attached presentation outlines the idea which is a work in progress and Patricio invited ideas. Resident suggestions

·         Add some humour

·         Could we have some historical characters?


4.6    Deptford Society mentioned the re-siting of the Anchor which has been a campaign that has been ongoing for some time. Also they queried the consultation on the mural.


4.7    Patricio replied that street art is not covered by planning permission regulations. He has removed some street art where there has been a complaint. After 7 years planning permission can be applied for to retain the art.


Deptford XFestival                        Patrick Henry, Deptford X


4.8    Patrick Henry introduced himself as the Director of Deptford X; the 10 day visual arts festival that will be running from 23rd September to 2nd October. This is the 18th year that the festival has run.


4.9    This has been put together by a new team of Patrick and Thea Smith. It consists of a new core programme from 5 emerging artist together with a new fringe format that is open and independent featuring over 80 projects.


4.10 There are tours, artists’ talks, screenings and performance. Full details on the new website and there are maps available tonight which have just arrived.


4.11 There is a launch party at 9 Brookmill Road on 23rd September from 6-8pm followed by an after party at Wunderlust 8-late on the red bus next to The Birds’ Nest pub on Creekside.




Batavia Mews                               Sarah Lang


4.12  Sarah Lang explained that there had been some S106 money for creating a pocket park at Batavia Mews behind New Cross Learning. This is payment that developers pay to improve various community facilities to offset the impact of the impact of development on local resources.


4.13  There is £5,733.19 of this S106 money left for a piece of public art. We would like to know what type of artwork residents would like this to be, bearing in mind that this is  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.


Section 106


5. Section 106 for Community Facilities


5.1    Sarah explained that there is £14,000 S106 money for community facilities from the development of land at Wardalls Grove. The definition states that the money should be spent in the vicinity of the development so this to be spent at the west end of the ward around Eckington Gardens.


5.2    Currently potential projects are table tennis tables for Eckington Gardens and improvements to the Scotney Hall which is current closed due to a leak. Sarah invited residents to put forward any other potential projects by speaking to her after the meeting or e-mailing.


5.3    The team in charge of community halls at Lewisham has requested funding to complete the repairs on Scotney and is awaiting the outcome. Should this be forthcoming, we will identify potential use of some of the funding and bring this to a vote at a future assembly.


5.4    Sarah then asked if the Assembly agreed to recommend spending some of the money of table tennis tables for Eckington Gardens.


5.5    A local resident said that, whilst she would welcome investment in the park, there is currently an ongoing problem with street drinkers who sit on the children play equipment. I was agreed that this needs to be addressed prior to investing in improved facilities.


5.6    Dennis Savin from the Community Safety Team said that he would speak to the resident to get details. They can put up a mobile camera to gather evidence and then take action.


5.7    Once this has been dealt with, we will return to the Assembly for the resident vote.



Feedback from three assembly funded projects


6. Feedback on Ward Assembly Funded Projects



6.1    Cllr Dromey explained that each year the Assembly funds local projects that are selected by residents. Three of these project had attended to give feedback on how the money had benefitted local people.


Carers Lewisham                           Sue Offord


6.2    Sue gave a brief outline of the work of Carers Lewisham and the project which was to identify young full-time carers in News Cross ward who were making the transition from infants to juniors this year. They have found that this can be a particularly stressful time for the young people.


6.3    The money was used to take the young people on a respite break to the Honey Pot Adventure where they could spend a few days just being children and establishing supportive relationships with peers who shared their experience. The charity also provides outreach support and also can provide clothing and other items.


6.4    The children were given opportunities to take part in various activities such as roller skating, cycling, arts & crafts, crabbing and swimming. they also had days out at a wildlife park and a theme park.


6.5    Every child left with a goody bag which included a substantial toy , good memories and new friends who understand their caring role.


6.6    Sue thanked the Assembly for helping to make this possible.


Creekside Education Trust         Bettina Kabutz


6.7    Bettina explained that the Creekside Education Centre is a purpose built centre that provide local people with the opportunity to get into Deptford Creek and interact with the habitat.


6.8    The Assembly allows them to provide subsidised access to the local families who would not usually be able to afford to attend the activities. Activities include dipping in the river to find leeches, small fish, shrimp and the occasional crab….or bike!


6.9    On returning to the centre we can look at things under microscopes and create drawings, explore the wildlife in the pond, handle different artefacts that have been found and identify wild flowers. The snail hunt was particularly popular with some visitors, as was the marshmallow toasting and someone even found gold!


6.10There will be to more subsidised events during half-term on 26th & 27th October (see the flyer on the attached presentation) so Bettina thanked the Assembly for their continued support.


New Cross Gate Trust                  Jill Mountford


6.10Jill explained that the New Cross Gate Trust run out of Besson Street Community Garden and every year they run a 2-week theatre school. This year 33 of the 39 participants did not get a family holiday.


6.11There was a Roald Dhal theme and the all they songs included were protest songs so the children learnt lot of history whilst having fun. In addition to the performance they also get experience in other areas such as making the sets and costumes. The participants also went on a trip up to the fountains outside City Hall where they also gave and impromptu performance.


6.12 Attendance rate was 96% with 89% punctuality which  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


Funding Available for Projects


7. Funding for Projects


7.1    Cllr Dromey explained that the Assembly Fund for 2016-16 was now open and handed over to Sarah Lang to explain the details.


New Cross Assembly & Choose Health Funds         Sarah Lang


7.2    Sarah explained that there is £12,500 available for project in New Cross and the maximum amount that an organisation can apply for is £2,000.


7.3    Projects must benefit New Cross and address at least one of the New Cross assembly priorities, these are:

  • Skills, development and employability
  • Community clean-ups, tackling fly-tipping & improving the environment 
  • Activities for young people
  • Activities for older people & preventing isolation
  • Healthy eating & cooking projects
  • Equipment for play and outdoor activities.

7.4    The fund closes on Monday 31st October 2016 at 12.00 noon and all the information is available on the New Cross Assembly funding webpage.


Alternatively you can contact the Development Officer Sarah Lang on

020 8314 6306 or email sarah.lang@lewisham.gov.uk


7.5    You can also contact Sarah if you have any question regarding your bid or the processes.


7.6    Sarah explained that My Tang taken over from Keji Kezzim who has taken secondment to another project. My had to send her apologies for the meeting but Sarah informed the Assembly that the Choose Health Fund for North Lewisham is now open.


7.7    My will be running drop in advice sessions at Deptford Lounge and the Waldron Health Centre.


7.8    Sarah left information on both funds.



40th Anniversary of the Race Relations Act ~ Film Festival


8. 40th Anniversary of Race Relations Act


8.1    Jacqui Shimidzu also sent apologies so Sarah explained that this year marks the 40th anniversary of the Race Relations Act which, although it had limited scope, paved the way for further legislation.


8.2    Sarah the informed the Assembly that Cllrs from both New Cross and Telegraph had awarded some of their discretionary fund for a Film Festival which will run in October as part of Black History Month.


8.3    There will be two paid for screenings at The Curzon Goldsmiths and Deptford Cinema, plus the four free screenings which have been funded by the Assemblies.





Community information


9. Community Updates


9.1    Cllr Dromey gave an update on the land next to New Cross Station. The site had been used by travellers to dump hundreds of tonnes of waste. It is private land and it took the owners a long time to clear it. Unfortunately they did not secure the site properly and it has happened again.


9.2    Compulsory purchase of the land for much needed housing has been explored, but the land is not suitable.


9.3    There will be a proposal for a permanent traveller site in New Cross which will be subject to public consultation.


9.4    Kathy Dunbar from New Cross Learning told people that Coral had put in for permission to turn the Barclays Bank in New Cross Road into a bookmakers. There is a petition it people would like to sign it.


9.5    Cllr Dromey told the Assembly that bookmakers and payday loan companies have the same business category as banks and that is why they target these buildings.


9.6    There was a discussion around the lack of housing and the cost of of affordable homes which are not affordable. Cllr Dromey highlighted that the council will ensure that there are affordable homes in line with the strategy.


9.7    Kathy Dunbar thanked everyone who helped to make the Party in the Park successful.


9.8    Danielle Heath invited people to the official opening of Somerville Youth & Play Provision.


9.9    Sarah drew attendees’ attention to the Lewisham Carers, Make a Breakfast, Make a Difference fundraising campaign which takes place from 10th-16th October.



10. Feedback sheets and close


10.1Cllr Dromey thanked everyone for attending and reminded them complete the feedback forms.


There being no other business, the meeting closed at 9.00pm with no declarations of interest.


Note: These are not verbatim minutes therefore questions and answers have been summarised.