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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Licensing Committee held on 15 January 2015 be considered at the next meeting of the Committee.




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            The Principal Licensing Officer advised members that the objections received for the application made by Rose Pub and Kitchen had been withdrawn, after Licensing Officers mediated between parties and the issues were resolved.




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In the matter of this Premises Licence Review, the Committee has considered all the relevant representations made by all parties.


The Committee has made the following determination:


With a view to ensuring the promotion of the licensing objectives in accordance with the provisions of the secretary of state’s guidance and the principles of our licensing policy;


The following extra conditions be added to the premises licence.


  1. A reduction in hours for the supply of alcohol from 0100 on Fridays and Saturdays to 0000 and from 0000 to 2300 on Sunday to Thursday.
  2. Removal of the regulated entertainment from 2300 Friday and Saturday.
  3. A door supervisor present on Fridays and Saturdays from 2100.
  4. There shall be a personal licence holder on duty on the premises at all times when the premises are authorised to sell alcohol.
  5. No amplified recorded or live music to be played in the conservatory, gardens of outbuildings after 2100
  6. Patrons permitted to temporarily leave and then re-enter the premises, eg to smoke, shall not be permitted to take drinks or glass containers with them.
  7. The premises shall only operate as a restaurant (i) in which customers are shown to their table, (ii) which provide food in the form of substantial table meals that are prepared on the premises and are served and consumed at the table using non disposable crockery, and (iv)where intoxicating liquor shall not be sold, supplied, or consumed on the premises otherwise than to persons who are bona fide taking substantial table meals, and provided always that the consumption of intoxicating liquor by such persons is ancillary to taking such meals.
  8. The conservatory, gardens and outbuildings shall be closed to customers from 2100 each night
  9. A telephone contact number to be made available to members of the public in the event of a compliant regarding the premises.


In coming to a determination, the following factors were taken into account; 



1.   The Committee considered the representations made by Councillor Ingleby, who called for a review of the licence following several complaints from residents in his ward, that the premises was being used as a night club. It considered evidence of noise nuisance emanating from the garden which included raised voices, swearing, inappropriate language, slamming of car doors and music that did not have a sound limiter. Residents had met with hostility when they tried to discuss their issues with management.


2.   The Committee considered the Police representations that a closure order had been made in respect of the premises because management were not upholding the licensing objectives of the Prevention of Crime and Disorder, Public Safety and the Prevention of Public Nuisance. The owners had shown total disregard for their neighbours who repeatedly suffered noise nuisance and anti-social behaviour resulting in sleep deprivation which seriously affected their lives. The premises had come to the notice of Lewisham Police on several occasions, the most notable being the serious assault which took place on 2 March 2014 


3.   The Committee considered the representations made by  ...  view the full decision text for item 4.


4.1      The Chair welcomed all parties to the meeting and introductions were made. He then invited the Licensing Manager to speak.


Licensing Manager


4.2      The Licensing Manager said that this was an application for the review of a premises licence for Aces Bar and Restaurant 88 Verdant Lane SE6 1LF. The application for the review was made by Councillor Ingleby who is a ward Councillor in the area. It was supported by the Police, Planning Officers, Environmental Enforcement Officers and several local residents. The Licensing Manager said that although a planning application was outstanding for the premises, planning issues could not be taken into account for this review. The Police had produced a list of conditions that they suggested should be added to the premises licence, in an effort to ensure that all the licensing objectives were met. They had been sent to the licensee’s Solicitor, but no agreement had been reached.


            Applicant – Councillor Ingleby


4.3      Councillor Ingleby said that he is a ward Councillor in the area. He said that he was applying for a review of the licence on the grounds that it did not promote the licensing objectives of crime and disorder and public nuisance. 


4.5      In his presentation, Councillor Ingleby made reference to several examples of where the bar was not operating within the terms of their premises licence, as set out in the agenda. He referred to a number of pages within the agenda and asked members to note their contents, (including but not limited to: pg 89, pg 90, pg 95 & pg 96, pg 99, pg 104, pg 109, pg 115, pg 145, pg 124, pg 128, pg 130, pg 159, pg 164, pg 172, pg 170 onwards, pg 183, pg 190 to pg 198, pg 200 to 211,) There were references to intolerable noise from raised voices from people who had been drinking, particularly in the rear of the premises, fights on the premises, loud music because a sound limiter was not used, distress caused to nearby residents and alcohol served during ‘lock ins’. The Police supported his application; a closure order had also been served during the review consultation period. 


4.6      In conclusion, he said that there were six letters in support of the bar, the remaining standard letters and petition were from residents who lived further away from the premises not in Whitefoot. There had been a clear breach of the licence that had been documented. The focus on the premises was that of a late night wine bar, and was described as such on Facebook. The premises was creating a public nuisance for local residents, and if those people supporting the activities at the bar lived close to the premises, they may not have been so keen to support the events at the bar.


4.7      Councillor Michael asked Councillor Ingleby how many personal experiences he had had of nuisance. Councillor Ingleby said that he had not had any personal experience, but he had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 4.