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Representation in respect of the application made by Mr Kieran Clancy for a new Premises Licence, forNaked City Jazz Festival Beckenham Place Park Beckenham Hill Road BR3 5BS.


In the matter of the application for a new Premises Licence, the Committee has considered the relevant representations made.


The Committee has made the following determination:


With a view to ensuring the promotion of the licensing objectives, in accordance with the provisions of the statutory guidance and the principles of our licensing policy, the application for a new premises licence was AGREED and the following conditions added to the premises licence:


A         General


The Premises Licence holder will notify the Licensing Authority and all Responsible Authorities of each year’s proposals at least six months prior to that year’s Event.

Permission to use the land in the attached plan must be agreed with the London Borough of Lewisham in advance of the vent in order to exercise this License.

Full and detailed consultation will be undertaken by the Premises Licence holder with each of the Responsible Authorities and those persons/organisations referred to in the Event Safety Guide issued by the Health & Safety Executive. This consultation will take place through multi-agency or Safety Advisory Group meetings in the lead up to the Event and during the Event itself.

The first draft of the Event Management Plan, including a detailed plan of the Site, will be submitted to the Licensing Authority and the Responsible Authorities and other members of the multi-agency or Safety Group for consideration at least three months prior to the relevant Event.

An Event Management Plan containing detail appropriate to each year’s Event will be produced and implemented in consultation with and with the agreement of the Responsible Authorities through the multi-agency or Safety Group meetings.

For each Event, the Premises Licence holder will produce a final Event Management Plan (including the plan of the Site) which must be agreed by the Licensing Authority prior to the relevant Event taking place.

A debrief meeting will be undertaken after each Event to include all Responsible Authorities and other relevant agencies involved with the Event.

The nominated Event Organiser from the Premises Licence holder will be in overall charge of the Event and he/she or his/her nominated deputy shall be available on the Licensed Site throughout the Event. 

The Premises Licence holder will include in the Event Management Plan details of the management team, including contractors, and their responsibilities. Details of communication systems (e.g. radio, telephones, etc) will be provided in the Event Management Plan.

Authorised officers of the Licensing Authority and the Responsible Authorities who are in the course of their duties will be given access to all parts of the Licensed Site for the purposes of monitoring and enforcing the observance of any Conditions imposed and any other relevant legislation.

The Premises Licence holder will ensure that arrangements are made to provide information to persons attending the Event to include transport, access and egress arrangements, dealing with lost and found  ...  view the full decision text for item 10.



RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Licensing Committee held on 7 May 2019 be confirmed and signed.



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Councillor Howard declared a non- pecuniary interest as a ward member for Downham which has links with Beckenham Place Park.


Councillor Hordijenko declared a non- pecuniary interest because Beckenham Place Park is in Bellingham ward; she is one of the ward members for Bellingham.



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Additional documents:


3.1      The Chair welcomed all parties to the meeting and introductions were made. He then invited Ms Spall to introduce the application.


3.2      Ms Spall said that members were being asked to consider the application for a new premises licence sought by Kieran Clancy. She outlined the application and said that if granted, the event would take place annually on the last Saturday in July, in perpetuity. Six representations had been received from local residents on the grounds of prevention of public nuisance. Ms Spall then outlined the options open to members of the Committee.




3.3      Mr Clancy said that along with his management team, they have vast experience organising and producing music festivals in London and elsewhere. Along with Danny Clancy, under their other company Krankbrother Ltd, they have produced three outdoor festivals in London which have taken place in Haringey and Hackney. Mr Butterfield, operations manager, is one of the co-founders of Love box and spent 13 years as manager there. He also managed a lot of the outreach work. Production Manager Sean McNally was also production manager for Glastonbury and Love Box and many more events across the U.K.


3.4      Mr Clancy said that the application is for a Jazz festival. He said that with ticketing platforms, there is very accurate data about the people buying tickets. The average age for ticket buyers so far is 32 years; which is significantly older than most other London festivals. 55% of these ticket buyers are from South London, 20 % from Lewisham and 10% Bromley. A large percentage of the artists are from South London.


3.5      Mr Clancy said that 150 free tickets will be given to the local community; this number may increase nearer to the event. 1500 letters have been sent to local residents advising them about the event and asking for their comments. Organisers received 200 positive emails requesting tickets; one resident expressed concerns but still wanted a ticket. 


3.6      Event Management and Plans for Safety have been submitted to the Event Safety Advisory Group (ESAG). They have been adjusted and the licensing officers and ESAG agree with the plans. Licensing objectives have been discussed; there is a robust set of conditions and these have been agreed with the Police and licensing authority. Mr Clancy considers that all the concerns raised by residents have been addressed within the licensing objectives.


3.7      Mr Clancy said that one of the main area of concern for residents is management of noise. This has been discussed a great deal; Vanguardia, a top acoustic management team, have produced a report on this and plans have been agreed with the Senior Environmental Protection Officer. Noise levels during the festival will not exceed the agreed levels. If a high number of complaints is received from a particular area, staff will respond to that and make sure that the agreed levels have not been exceeded.


3.8      Another concern residents have is regarding protection of children from harm. Children under 18 years will  ...  view the full minutes text for item 12.