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RESOLVED that the minutes of the meetings of the Licensing Committee held on 27 January and 5,6,12 and 20 February 2014 be confirmed and signed.




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Councillor Bonavia wished to make a representation so he did not take part in the decision making process.


Councillor Griesenbeck said that the managements company Continental Drifts was in the ward he represents but he did not have a prejudicial interest.



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Date:   14 March 2014


Licensing Committee 12 March 2014 – Good Hope Festival, Blackheath SE3 0TZ


I am writing in respect of the application made for a new Premises Licence, by Good Hope Festival Limited, for the Good Hope Festival, Blackheath SE3 0TZ to confirm that the Committee made the determination shown below having considered the relevant representations made.


With a view to ensuring the promotion of the licensing objectives, in accordance with the provisions of the statutory guidance and the principles of our licensing policy, the application for a new premises licence  was GRANTED subject to the following conditions;


  1. The Premises Licence holder will notify the Licensing Authority and all Responsible Authorities of each year’s proposals at least six months prior to the year’s event.


  1. Full and detailed consultation will be undertaken by the Premises Licence holder with each of the relevant Responsible Authorities and those persons/organisations referred to in the Event Safety Guide issued by the Health and Safety Executive. This consultation will take place through the Safety Advisory Group meetings in the lead up to the Event and during the Event itself.


  1. The first draft of the Event Management Plan, including a detailed plan of the site will be submitted to the Licensing Authority and the relevant Responsible Authorities and members of the Safety Advisory Group for consideration at least three months prior to the relevant event. The event management plan must include full details of:


Overview of site facilities and attractions

Site safety, access and egress

Health and safety

Welfare and Frist Aid

Children and vulnerable persons protection plan.

On site safety controls including agreed number of SIA staff

Crowd control

Acoustic report and noise management plan

Traffic management plan

Fencing and barrier plan

Transport facilities and capacities

Alcohol management plan including named premises licence holders

Waste management and litter plan

Sanitary and washing facilities


  1. The Licence will not take effect until the final event management plan has been confirmed and approved by the Safety Advisory Group (LBL) before commencement of each event.


  1. The event capacity for public attendees will not exceed 15,000 people. This does not include authorised staff or personnel. A list of authorised staff and personnel will be held by the event team prior to the event taking place.


  1. Music noise level (MNL) measured 1 metre form the façade of a residential building over any 15 minutes period, will not exceed 70dB.



In coming to a determination the Committee considered the following matters;


1.    The Committee considered the representations made by the Applicant that they had engaged a firm, namely “Continental Drifts” to manage the event and that a public review of the festival would be held after the event.


2.     The Committee noted that the Police agreed to the six conditions to be added to the licence and had accordingly withdrawn their objections to the application.


 3.  The Committee considered the representations made by Councillors from both Greenwich and Blackheath and the representative from the Blackheath Society. It noted that they were  ...  view the full decision text for item 6.


3.1      The Chair welcomed all parties to the meeting and introductions were made. She then invited the Licensing Manager to speak.


Licensing Services Manager


3.2      Ms Collins said that this was an application for a new premises licence on Blackheath. The Good Hope festival had applied for the first full weekend in August for a two day event with various activities between the hours of 1100 to 2100 on the Saturday and from 1200 to 2100 on the Sunday.


Several residents had made objections to this application. The Police had originally made an objection to the application but conditions had by then been agreed by the Police and the Mizen Foundation. She then outlined the process this evening.




3.3      Tommy Mizen said that he is from the Mizen foundation and an application had been made for a premises licence to hold Good Hope Festival on Blackheath on the first weekend of August in perpetuity. This year the event would be held on 2 and 3 August and a maximum of 15,000 people would attend. There would be several events throughout the day including live bands, school events, films, recorded music and workshops.


3.4      The Chair asked Police and Mr Mizen whether they both agreed with the added conditions. They confirmed that they agreed with the conditions.


3.5      Councillor Griesenbeck said that 15,000 was a large number of people. He asked whether there was a traffic management strategy. Ms Janes said that there was a draft strategy and it would be formalised when the premises licence was approved; they would be working with CTM (Cash & Traffic management) and Vanguardia. Councillor Griesenbeck asked what effect this large number of people would have on the local area. Ms Janes said that Continental Drifts manage the fireworks on Blackheath every year; 100,000 people attend that event and they ensure that they have robust plans in place. There will be a headline live band at the end of the day after which, everyone will leave the area.


3.6      The Chair asked about any profits made from the event. Mr Mizen said that all profits would go to the Mizen Foundation.




3.7      Mr Shields said that he is the Chair of the Blackheath Society. He said that members of the society broadly support the event. They did have some concerns. The Blackheath Joint Working Party had agreed some conditions, most of which were included in Kevin Sheehan’s letter in which he granted permission for the hire of Lincoln field and Church on Blackheath for the Good Hope Festival. He said that a finishing time of 10pm had been agreed he asked if this could be reduced to 9.30pm. He said that they also had concerns about the licence being granted in perpetuity. Ms Collins said that although permission for the hire of the festival on the heath had been granted until 10 p.m the application was for a finishing time of 9pm. The legality of granting a licence in perpetuity had  ...  view the full minutes text for item 6.


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