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There were no declarations.


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The Chair announced that the funeral service of former Councillor Gurbahksh

Garcha would take place in the Civic Suite at 2.30pm on Friday November 2,

following a private burial.


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The report was presented by Councillor Kevin Bonavia, who received

confirmation from the Chair that an amendment proposed by him and

seconded by Councillor Chris Best had been received prior to the previous

evening’s 5pm deadline and was therefore in order.


Councillor Bonavia explained that the amendment added the words “with the

exception of any delegation to an individual member” at the end of

recommendation 3(1). Councillor Bonavia also reported that additional legal

implications had been tabled at the meeting but that these needed to be read

by deleting the words “as leader of the largest political group” from the third

paragraph of these implications.


In proposing the recommendations, Councillor Bonavia confirmed that the non

executive membership of the Appointments Committee would be the Chair of

the Overview & Scrutiny Committee and Councillors Bourne and Jacq

Paschoud. They would be joined by two Cabinet Members, appointed by the

Mayor on a meeting by meeting basis.


Councillor Chris Best formally seconded the recommendations shown below.


Councillor Juliet Campbell asked if the Council should consider the

membership of an Appeals Committee at the same time as the membership of

the Appointments Committee was being confirmed. Councillor Bonavia

explained that the Appointments Committee was a standing committee of the

Council while provision for an Appeals Committee was being made to create a

mechanism for the consideration of any rare protests against decisions made

by the Appointments Committee. He concluded that there was therefore no

immediate need to appoint members to an Appeals Committee and that this

could be done at a future Council meeting.


The recommendations, as amended, were then put to the vote and were

declared to be carried unanimously by the Chair of Council.




(1) the disciplinary procedures set out in the JNC Framework which appear at

Appendix 1 be noted and adopted in respect of the Chief Executive,

Monitoring Officer and Director of Finance;


(2) the terms of reference of the Appointments Committee be amended as set

out in Appendix 2 so that it also operates as a Standing Investigating and

Disciplinary Committee consisting of 5 members to carry out the disciplinary

functions proposed for it in the JNC Framework at Appendix 1; and

Councillors Andre Bourne, Bill Brown and Jacq Paschoud be appointed as the

non-executive  members of that Committee;


(3) following the approval of (1) and (2) above, an Appeals

Committee be established consisting of 5 members to carry out the functions

proposed for it in the JNC Framework appearing at Appendix 1, with the terms

of reference appearing at Appendix 3 and members be appointed to that

Committee at a future meeting of the Council; and


(4) the Council’s Constitution be amended accordingly.





The meeting closed at 8.07pm