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Election of Chair pdf icon PDF 24 KB


Councillor Jacq Paschoud was proposed by Councillor Bill Brown and

seconded by Councillor Hilary Moore.


In accepting her unanimous re-election, Councillor Paschoud said it had been

an enormous privilege to have been Chair since the previous May and she

thanked the Council for this further opportunity to serve. She praised her

husband and children for the support they had given her in her civic role.


RESOLVED that Councillor Jacq Paschoud be elected as Chair of the

Council for the Municipal Year 2019-2020.



Election of ViceChair pdf icon PDF 25 KB


The election of Councillor Tauseef Anwar was proposed by Councillor Bill

Brown and seconded by Councillor Hilary Moore.


RESOLVED that Councillor Tauseef Anwar be elected as Vice-Chair of the

Council for the Municipal Year 2019-2020.



Declaration of Interests pdf icon PDF 205 KB


There were no declarations of interest.


Minutes pdf icon PDF 26 KB


RESOLVED that the minutes of the meeting of the Council held on

27 February 2019 be approved and signed as a correct record.



Announcements or Communications pdf icon PDF 122 KB


New Zealand Mosque attacks


The Council received written details of actions carried out locally in response to the mosque attacks in Christchurch, New Zealand. The Chair then extended a welcome to the Imam from Lewisham Islamic Centre, Shakeel Begg.


Imam Begg read out a passage from the Koran, Chapter 59 verses 18-23 in memory of the victims of the attacks. All present then observed a one minute silence.


Aileen Buckton


The Council paid tribute to the retiring Executive Director for Community

Services, Aileen Buckton, who was attending her last Council meeting.


The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Chris Best, recalled that alongside Councillor

Jim Mallory she had appointed Aileen to her first senior post with the Council

in 1997. She outlined the various activities and many achievements which

Aileen had been involved with and recorded her appreciation for the service

which had been rendered.


Councillor Joan Millbank added that she had known Aileen since 2010 and

had always been impressed by her leadership and management skills which

were particularly appreciated in the local voluntary sector.


Resignations of Councillors


Councillor Kevin Bonavia reported the resignations of Councillor Janet Daby MP as a Councillor in the Whitefoot Ward and Councilllor Alex Feis Bryce as a Councillor in the Evelyn Ward.


He thanked both for their service and recalled that Janet Daby had been a

member since 2010 serving as a Cabinet Member and very briefly as Deputy

Mayor designate. Her service to Lewisham was continuing as Member of

Parliament for Lewisham East. He further mentioned that although Alex Feis

Bryce has only served for one year, he had made a very positive impact which

included helpful contributions to the Local Democracy Review.


4. Alex Yee


The Council received a written announcement reporting the success of Lewisham resident Alex Yee


Councillor Chris Best added her congratulations to Alex who hd been a regular participant in Youth Games and had now progressed to the world stage in Triathlon.


5. Mayoral Appointment


The Mayor introduced Barbara Gray as his choice of Lady Mayoress for the forthcoming year and confirmed she would have a second role as Advisor on BAME Health inequalities.


Barbara Gray accepted her chains of office and stated she was enormously pleased, as a resident of the borough for more than 30 years and former council employee, to take up the Mayor’s offer.


6. World Cup of London Boroughs


The Chair reported Lewisham had retained its Twitter title by winning the second annual World Cup of London Boroughs, defeating Waltham Forest in the final and Southwark in the semi final.



Executive Composition pdf icon PDF 122 KB


The Mayor informed the Acting Chief Executive that the 12 members, listed

below, four of whom would job-share two of the positions on a January to

June and July to December substantive basis, would serve as members of the

Cabinet in the municipal year 2019/20. The nomination of Councillor Andre

Bourne had been confirmed at a special meeting of the Council held earlier in

the evening.


Portfolio                                            Name


Damien Egan,          Mayor of Lewisham

Cllr Chris Best,         Deputy Mayor of Lewisham and Cabinet Member for Health and Adult Social Care

Cllr Kevin Bonavia, Cabinet Member for Democracy, Refugees and Accountability

Cllr Chris Barnham, Cabinet Member for School Performance and Children’s Services

Cllr Paul Bell,           Cabinet Member for Housing

Cllr Joani Reid,        Cabinet Member for Safer Communities

Cllr Jonathan Slater,Cabinet Member for the Community Sector

Cllr Amanda de Ryk, Cabinet Member for Finance and Resources

Cllr Joe Dromey,      Cabinet Member for Culture, Jobs and Skills (job share)

Cllr André Bourne   Cabinet Member for Culture, Jobs and Skills (job share)

Cllr Brenda Dacres  Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport (job share)

Cllr Sophie McGeevor, Cabinet Member for Environment and Transport (job




RESOLVED that the constitution and composition of the Executive for the

municipal year 2019/20 be noted.



Scheme of delegation pdf icon PDF 199 KB


The Mayor moved and Councillor Best seconded that the Scheme of

Delegation be adopted.


RESOLVED that there be no changes to the existing Mayoral Scheme of

Delegation in Part VIII of the Council’s Constitution.


Committee Terms of Reference pdf icon PDF 26 KB


The Chair confirmed that there had been no other changes to Committee

Terms of Reference since last year.


RESOLVED that the report be noted.


Allocation of seats 2019 pdf icon PDF 155 KB

Additional documents:


The Council considered a report setting out an allocation of seats on

committees to political groups on the Council in compliance with the

requirements of the Local Government and Housing Act 1989.


Chairs and Vice-Chairs of Overview and Scrutiny Select Committees would

continue to be allocated in accordance with the proportion of seats held by the

political groups on the Council.


At the proposal of Councillor Moore, seconded by Councillor Millbank,

Members agreed unanimously to form an Overview and Scrutiny Committee

of all 43 non-executive Councillors, that was politically balanced.




(i) seats be allocated to political parties as indicated on the schedule attached

to the report;


(ii) the Overview & Scrutiny Committee shall comprise all 43 non-executive

Councillors; and


(iii) the composition of the Constitution Working Party, the Appointments

Committee, the Urgency Committee, 3 Planning Committees, a Strategic

Planning Committee, a Licensing Committee, a Licensing (Supplementary)

Committee, a Pensions Investment Committee, a Health & Safety

Committee, an Elections Committee, and an Audit Panel with the Terms of

Reference set out be agreed.



Appointments to Committees pdf icon PDF 28 KB


It was moved by Councillor Moore and duly seconded by Councillor

Millbank that members be appointed to serve on committees as listed below.

The motion was declared carried and it was:


RESOLVED that members be appointed to serve on committees, as

indicated, for the municipal year 2019/20.


Council Chair (1)


Councillor Jacq Paschoud

Council Vice-Chair (1)


Councillor Tauseef Anwar

Planning Committee (A)



Councillor James Walsh (Rushey Green) (Chair)

Councillor Tom Copley (Sydenham) (V-Chair)

Councillor Jimi Adefiranye (Brockley)

Councillor Sophie Davis (Forest Hill)

Councillor Liam Curran (Sydenham)

Councillor Caroline Kalu (Evelyn)

Councillor Jacq Paschoud (Bellingham)

Councillor Luke Sorba (Telegraph Hill)

Councillor Skip Amrani (Catford South)

Councillor Octavia Holland (Lee Green)


Planning Committee (B)



Councillor Aisling Gallagher (Lewisham Central) Chair

Councillor Alan Smith (Catford South)


Councillor Jim Mallory (Lee Green)

Councillor Leo Gibbons (Forest Hill)

Councillor Mark Ingleby (Whitefoot)

Councillor Sakina Sheikh (Perry Vale)

Councillor Suzannah Clarke (Grove Park)

Councillor Pauline Morrison (Crofton Park)

Councillor Silvana Kelleher (Evelyn)

Councillor John Muldoon (Rushey Green)


Planning Committee (C)




Councillor Olurotimi Ogunbadewa (Downham) (Chair)

Councillor Stephen Penfold (Brockley) (Vice-Chair)

Councillor John Paschoud (Perry Vale)

Councillor Peter Bernards (Forest Hill)

Councillor James Rathbone (Lee Green)

Councillor Hilary Moore (Grove Park)

Councillor Louise Krupski (Rushey Green)

Councillor Paul Maslin (New Cross)

Councillor Liz Johnston-Franklin (Ladywell)

1 vacancy


Strategic Planning Committee



Councillor John Paschoud (Chair)

Councillor Leo Gibbons (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Paul Bell

Councillor Suzannah Clarke

Councillor Tom Copley

Councillor Liam Curran

Councillor Olurotimi Ogunbadewa

Councillor Joani Reid

Councillor James Walsh

Councillor Aisling Gallagher


Licensing (inc Supplementary) Committee




Councillor Eva Stamirowski (Chair)

Councillor Colin Elliot (Vice-Chair)

Councillor Carl Handley

Councillor Tauseef Anwar

Councillor Alan Hall

Councillor Sue Hordijenko

Councillor Coral Howard

Councillor Juliet Campbell

Councillor Susan Wise

1 vacancy


Appointments Committee (5)


Councillor Jacq Paschoud

Councillor Bill Brown

Councillor Tauseef Anwar

2 Cabinet Members


Pensions Investment Committee



Councillor Mark Ingleby (Chair)

Councillor Louise Krupski

Councillor Stephen Penfold

Councillor Paul Maslin

Councillor Patrick Codd

Councillor Chris Best

Councillor Sakina Sheikh

Councillor John Muldoon


Health & Safety Committee



Councillor Silvana Kelleher Chair)

Councillor Skip Amrani

Councillor Caroline Kalu

Councillor Alan Hall

Councillor Joan Millbank

Councillor Chris Best


Elections Committee



Councillor Leo Gibbons(Chair)

Councillor Liz Johnston-Franklin

Councillor John Paschoud

Councillor Hilary Moore

Councillor James Rathbone

Councillor Stephen Penfold


Standards Committee




Councillor Jimi Adefiranye (Chair)

Councillor Pauline Morrison

Councillor Alan Smith

Councillor Eva Stamirowski

Councillor Bill Brown

Councillor Sue Hordijenko

Councillor Olurotimi Ogunbadewa

Councillor Jim Mallory

Councillor Liam Curran

Councillor Hilary Moore

Cathy Sullivan

Gill Butler

David Roper Newman

Leslie Thomas

Fasil Bhatti

Joy Walton


Council Urgency Committee (6)



Councillor Jacq Paschoud (Chair)

Councillor Chris Best

Councillor Kevin Bonavia

Councillor Bill Brown

Councillor Carl Handley

Councillor Sakina Sheikh


Constitution Working Party



Councillor Susan Wise (Chair)

Councillor Kevin Bonavia

Councillor Sophie Davis

Councillor James Walsh

Councillor Alan Smith

Councillor Jimi Adefiranye

Councillor Bill Brown


Audit Panel

(6 plus 4 co-optees)



Councillor James Rathbone (Chair)

Councillor Susan Wise

Councillor Jim Mallory  ...  view the full minutes text for item 10.


Appointments to Bodies pdf icon PDF 123 KB


The Chair reported there was no bodies where there were more candidates

than places available, the Chair therefore moved and the Vice-Chair

seconded a proposal that the tabled schedule of appointments be adopted.


The motion was declared carried and it was:


RESOLVED that members be appointed to serve on other committees

and organisations as set out in below:



Appointment 2019/20

Age Concern Reminiscence Theatre

Amanda De Ryk

Albany 2001 Council of Management

Aisling Gallagher

Albion Millennium Green Trust

Sophie Davis

Blackheath Joint Working Party (3)

Kevin Bonavia

Juliet Campbell

Amanda De Ryk

Deptford Challenge Trust 

Obajimi Adefiranye

(Silvana Kelleher to shadow)

Voluntary Service Association (2)

Body subject to confirmation

Lewisham Citizen’s Advice Bureau Management Committee (2)

Stephen Penfold

James Rathbone

Sophie Davis

Lewisham Local History Society

Liam Curran

Lewisham Pensioners’ Forum Management Committee

Jacq Paschoud

London Youth Games (2)

Hilary Moore

Alan Smith

Marsha Phoenix Memorial Trust

Obajimi Adefiranye

Trinity Laban

James Walsh

Our Healthier South East London (OHSEL) JHOSC (2)

John Muldoon

Liz Johnston-Franklin

SLaM Mental Health of Older Adults JHOSC (2)

John Muldoon

James Rathbone



Council Calendar pdf icon PDF 27 KB

Additional documents:


The Calendar was proposed for adoption by the Chair and seconded by the

Vice-Chair and it was:




(i) ordinary meetings of the Council be held on 17 July, 2 October, 27

November 2019, 22 January 2020, 24 February and 4 March (fall-back) and

that the Annual General Meeting be held on 1 April 2020; and


(ii) the attached schedule of meetings be approved for the municipal year




Mayoral Appointments 2019 pdf icon PDF 25 KB


The Chair proposed and the Vice-Chair seconded a proposal that the

schedule of appointments made by the Mayor be noted.


RESOLVED to note the appointments made by the Mayor to the following

external bodies/committees.



Appointment 2019/20

Adoption and Permanency Panel

Coral Howard

Brent, Lewisham, Southwark IT Committee (4)

Kevin Bonavia

Brenda Dacres

Amanda De Ryk

Jonathan Slater

Children and Young People's Stakeholders Forum (2)

Caroline Kalu

Chris Barnham

Children and Young People's Strategic Partnership Board

Chris Barnham

Corporate Parenting Group (8)

Chris Barnham

Chris Best

Luke Sorba

Jacq Paschoud

John Paschoud

Coral Howard

Stephen Penfold

Eva Stamirowski

Groundwork Local Authority Strategic Input Board

Susan Wise

Health & Wellbeing Board (2)

Damien Egan

Chris Best

Intercultural Cities: Group Spokesperson

Obajimi Adefiranye

Joint Street Lighting Committee (2)

Kevin Bonavia

Sophie McGeevor

Lewisham Homes Board (3) 

Mark Ingleby

Caroline Kalu

Susan Wise

Lewisham Local Representative

Joan Millbank

Lewisham Safer Neighbourhood Board

Sakina Sheikh

Local Authorities Action for South Africa - National Steering Committee 

Obajimi Adefiranye

Local Government Association – General Assembly (4)

Damien Egan

Paul Bell

Brenda Dacres

Juliet Campbell

LGA High Ethnicity Special Interest Group

Obajimi Adefiranye

London Councils

(a) Leaders’ Committee

(b) Grants Committee

(c)Greater London Employment Forum

(d) Transport & Environment Committee


a) Damien Egan / Kevin Bonavia

(b) Jonathan Slater / Amanda De Ryk

(c) Joe Dromey / Amanda De Ryk


(d) Brenda Dacres / Sophie McGeevor

London Road Safety Council (2) 

Tauseef Anwar

John Paschoud

Newable (Greater London Enterprise)

Joe Dromey

New Cross Gate Trust

Joan Millbank

Phoenix Community Housing Association (2) 

Sue Hordijenko

Timi Ogunbadewa

Positive Ageing Council Steering Group

Coral Howard

Safer Lewisham Partnership

Joani Reid

Social Services Fostering Panel

Jacq Paschoud

South East London Combined Heat & Power (SELCHP) Board

Liam Curran

South East London Transport Strategy Group

Brenda Dacres

South East London Waste Disposal Group

Sophie McGeevor

Standing Advisory Council for Religious Education (SACRE) (3) 

Hilary Moore

Jacq Paschoud

Liz Johnston-Franklin

Strategic Flood Partnership

Sophie McGeevor

Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association

James-J Walsh

Voluntary Action Lewisham (2) 

James Rathbone

James-J Walsh

Works Council

All Members of Cabinet except the Mayor




           Air Quality Champion – Louise Krupski

           Mental Health Champion – James Rathbone

           Cycling Champion – Mark Ingleby

           Evening and Night Time Economy Champion – Pat Codd

           Heritage Champion – Chris Best

           RSPCA Champion – André Bourne

           Armed Forces Champion – Kevin Bonavia



Standards Committee Annual report pdf icon PDF 160 KB


The report was moved by the Chair, Councillor Obajimi Adefiranye and was seconded by Councillor Caroline Kalu and it was:


RESOLVED that the annual report of the Standards Committee be received.



Local Democracy Review pdf icon PDF 223 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Kevin Bonavia moved that the recommendations be approved

and this was seconded by Councillor Sakina Sheikh and it was then





(1) the report of the Local Democracy Review Working Group be received;


(2) the recommendations as outlined in the report attached at Appendix A be

endorsed (with particular reference to those recommendations on matters

reserved to  Council);


(3) a Local Democracy Working Group be retained to oversee delivery of the

recommendations of the Working Group over the course of the incoming

municipal year; and


(4) the appointment of eight councillors, Councillors Best, Bonavia, Campbell Codd, Davis, Elliott, Kelleher, and Sheikh be made to the above body.



Boundary Review pdf icon PDF 228 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Chris Best moved that the recommendations be approved

and this was seconded by Councillor Obajimi Adefiranye and it was then





(1) the draft submission appearing at Appendix 1 be approved; and


(2) when the LGBC has agreed the number of councillors for the London

Borough of Lewisham, a further report on proposed warding patterns be

referred to members.


Pay Statement pdf icon PDF 293 KB

Additional documents:


Councillor Amanda De Ryk moved that the recommendations be approved

and this was seconded by Councillor Caroline Kalu and it was then



RESOLVED that the Pay Policy Statement for 2019/20, as attached at

Appendix 1, be approved.


Chief Executive Appointment Process pdf icon PDF 306 KB


The Acting Chief Executive withdrew from the meeting during consideration of

this item.


Councillor Amanda De Ryk moved that the recommendations be approved

and this was seconded by Councillor Bill Brown and it was then





(1) the terms and conditions, previously agreed by the Appointments

Committee for the Chief Executive on 13 November 2017 and endorsed by

Council on 28 November 2017, be used for the appointment of a permanent 

Chief Executive.


(2) the process by which a new Chief Executive is to be recruited, as set out

be approved and that the Head of Organisational Development & Human

Resources appoint an external recruitment agency to assist with that process;


(3) an Advisory Panel of 7 members of the Council be appointed as set out

and with the terms of reference as set out; and


(4) members be appointed to the Advisory Panel as  set out.


Annual Mayoral Report pdf icon PDF 127 KB


The Mayor delivered the following address:


“It’s amazing to think that it’s one year since last May’s council elections.

One year that I’ve been your Mayor.


One year since 15 new councillors joined our council, one year for all of us to

figure out how we work best as a team, working together.


One year, too, for our community groups, our faith groups to get to know me

better, get to know the new council better and build the historic relationships

that this council values with its community sector.


And so it’s understandable that we look back on and review what we have

done in the last year. But it is also important that we look ahead, always

seeking to learn and to improve and to renew our sense of purpose.

Government cuts can make councils feel that they have fewer choices, less

freedom and in many ways that is correct, of course it is, but we mustn’t

under-estimate our power that we have, as an authority, and the power our

community has to help our residents live their best lives.


And go today on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat and no doubt other social

media apps that I’ve never heard of. As you go through all the beautiful

pictures of holiday selfies, the meals out, the loved up couples - you’ll see the

hashtag ‘living my best life’. There are over 2 million tags on Instagram alone.

It’s become part of the zeitgeist of our time.


But it’s one that speaks to the same values of aspiration and ambition that

every generation seeks and its one that the generations of political leaders

through the ages have sought to get to grips with.


But how does it look today? If we take a hard, honest look at our borough, can

we really say that our next generation are living their best life?

One of the fundamentals to living well and being happy is having security.

When I look at my generation and generation below me, I can’t remember a

time when we’ve ever been more anxious.


The rapid shift in wealth between the rich and poor means most people will

have less, and their futures look more difficult. Job insecurity, coupled with

rising “flexibility”, and automation means many cannot think ahead in their

careers in months, let alone years.


Housing insecurity means buying a home is a distant dream for most. The

new norm is paying private landlords on insecure contracts, leaving you with

no idea of how much you’ll be paying or where you will be living from one year

to the next.


The hollowing out of our welfare system meaning that the safety net to pick

you up and help you get back on your feet again isn’t a guarantee.

And this is all against a growing backdrop of increasing division within

communities and rising hate crime. And the fear and anxiety caused by Brexit

is adding to that insecurity.


So it isn’t alarmist to say that it is a  ...  view the full minutes text for item 19.